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   Chapter 1028 Carefully Planned

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"The Mu Clan's private hospital!"

Charles rushed out of the gate and drove at full speed. This time, his destination was the Mu Clan's private hospital.

Charles couldn't be more familiar with that name. The car sped at lightning speed on the highway.

Charles' heart was racing. He was almost out of breath. Something was wrong with Linda, and Little Tomato could be in danger as well. Charles was in a position of losing both his wife and daughter. But he could never allow such a tragedy to befall him.

Without thinking too much into it, he stepped on the gas and went full throttle. The other drivers on the road cursed.

He heard someone yell, "Why are you driving like a maniac? Are you trying to reach the netherworld?"

Charles turned a deaf ear to all that; his only thought was to rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

He hoped dearly that Linda's phone call was a mistake. He wanted to believe that she had dialed the number by accident or Little Tomato had just played around with the cell phone and accidently touched the dial button.

But those were just excuses he created to comfort himself. He heard the angry honking of cars all around him as he sped to the hospital.

He had no choice but to look for some clue there.

Little Tomato was taken to the hospital very frequently because of her weak health, and she always recovered soon after Anna treated her.

Anna was like their personal doctor, so he was sure she must be the one who had given treatment to Little Tomato last night.

Charles reached the hospital, but since he couldn't find a parking space, he just parked the car at the entrance to the hospital.

He rushed in. Many vehicles got stranded behind his car and they strated yelling, "Hey! What the hell are you doing? Is this the place to park your stupid car?"

Charles ignored the angry men and ran into Anna's office. Anna was surprised to see

ppened past midnight, there were very few cars on the road. Linda's car was easy to find. Her car rolled down the street and everything seemed to be normal.

There was nothing unusual at all. The chief thought the kidnappers would have taken her from some place where such incidents happened regularly, but they found nothing in the videos.

Linda drove by each of the cameras without facing any trouble.

Little Tomato was in the car, so Linda was driving cautiously, afraid that the kid would become uncomfortable if she sped.

Charles was confused. "How could someone just disappear out of nowhere?"

"Mr. Mu, they reached home and nothing has happened so far." The chief stared at Linda's car which was parked at the gate of their residence.

"I don't know what—" Charles' and the chief's eyes widened as they stared together at the screen in shock.

They watched as some men put Linda and Little Tomato into a large bag and threw them into a prepared minibus.

The whole incident happened in less than a minute.

Charles clenched his fists. As expected, Linda had been kidnapped, and even Little Tomato was not spared. And it all happened in such a short time. It was clear that the kidnapping had been carefully planned, and their target was Linda.

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