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   Chapter 1027 Must Be In Trouble

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9334

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Linda's hands were tightly tied behind her back and her mouth was clasped shut with a long strip of cloth. And to make things worse, her eyes were covered with a patch. At last, Linda was put inside a sack and tossed into a car.

Alongside her, Little Tomato was shoved inside another sack.

When they were kidnapped all of a sudden, Linda panicked with fear. But now she had come to terms with reality. Reasoning internally, she forced herself to calm down. After all, she had experienced a lot of terrible incidents in her life. As for now, she had no idea, whatsoever, about the kidnapper or his intention. Hence, she told herself it would be wrong to act rashly.

It seemed that she had been put in a dreadfully terrible situation because her hands had been tied behind her back and she was even covered by a sack over her head. Instead of worrying, she decided to take advantage of the privacy given by the sack. Her dragon ring began to shimmer in darkness as a ray of hope.

Linda gently pressed the dragon ring on one side with her hand behind her back. There was a very small gear on the ring. A sharp blade would pop out of the dragon's mouth as soon as Linda opened the gear.

The little blade was a diamond blade that Charles had specially customized for Linda. It was as sharp and rigid as blades that were used for military purposes. Charles had customized this ring for Linda so that she could defend herself if she was trapped or kidnapped.

With a smile, Linda thought the dragon ring had finally come in handy. She gently slid the ring down along her finger and slowly began to cut off the rope that tied her.

The blade looked small and thin but it was powerful enough to split a glass. Hence, it took her only a few seconds to get rid of the rope. Internally, she sighed with relief.

The road was bumpy, so nobody heard the faint noise of Linda cutting the rope. It seemed like luck was on her side.

In this crucial situation, Linda knew it wasn't good to act on impulse. She sat still for a few minutes and collected her thoughts. All the while, she held her breath, maintained her composure and listened to the men's talks attentively. Judging by their conversations, she made a rough calculation of people present there. A little while later, she managed to figure out their general plan of this kidnap.

"Haha! This job is insanely easy. I am so proud of us. We are going to earn 200, 000 dollars! This was a piece of cake, wasn't it? All we had to do was kidnap and take them to the designated place.I really wish we would come across such jobs on a regular basis!" one person in the car said with great excitement.

"Yup! Mr. Zhuo made us another offer. He said we might be lucky to take chances and rape Linda…Hahaha..." Another man burst out laughi

fending shareholders for Linda's sake. To him, nothing else was more important than her.

Charles drove as fast as he could. On the way, he passed through a lot of red lights. Safety was the least of his concern. His mind kept on thinking about Linda and the condition she must be in.

As soon as he reached the villa, Charles rushed to find the servant. When he found her, he asked with great anxiety, "Did you see Linda? Where is she?"

After some thoughts, the servant replied, "Little Tomato was sick very late last night. It seemed that she had a fever, so Lady Linda quickly took her to the hospital."

Standing there still with her hands down, the servant looked a little anxious. Even though she hadn't seen Linda since she went with Little Tomato to the hospital, she still hadn't reported this to Charles. Now she worried Charles would admonish her for her irresponsibility. But she had assumed that Linda must be still in the hospital with Little Tomato for the treatment.

Now after witnessing the worried look on Charles's face, it suddenly dawned on the servant that Linda might be in some sort of danger. Thinking of this, the servant felt rather guilty. She thought this might not have happened to Linda if she had reported to Charles earlier that she hadn't returned.

Of course, Charles knew what the servant was thinking about, but he was so anxious that he was in no mood to comfort her. Instead, he questioned her again, "Are you affirmative that Linda went out alone with Little Tomato? So she didn't come back the whole night?"

The servant nodded in acknowledgment after thinking it over.

With some thoughts, Charles guessed that Linda might still be in the hospital. If his guess was right, she must have gone to the Mu Clan's private hospital. Now he had no choice but to go to the hospital to ask about her whereabouts.

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