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   Chapter 1026 Take Action

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The young men's eyes widened when Ronald slowly took out his check book.

They hailed from rich families, but their families were not as rich as they appeared to be. Most of them only pretended to be rich to protect their dignity.

Now, as they watched Ronald take out the check book to pay them without any reservation, their hearts beat dramatically.

Ronald wrote several checks and then put the check book and pen back into the bag. He held the checks in his hand like a fan and patted them repeatedly.

"Guys, if you help me, I will never treat you unfairly. And even if Charles finds out, he will only come after me, not any of you. Besides, you will just be my delivery guys. You will be shifting Linda from one place to another. It's nothing dangerous."

Ronald baited them in, step by step with an alluring voice.

"Guys, it's our fate that we met here. I have something to accomplish and you will be doing me a huge favor." Saying that, Ronald put the checks on the table in a row.

Looking at the big numbers on the checks, these so-called friends started counting how many zeroes.

"No need to count. Two hundred thousand each. If you help me take Linda, I will give you more after everything is done."

Ronald was aware that money was the best reward he could give them. If they were paid enough, they would even sell their family members.

Staring at the checks of two hundred thousand each on the table, the men gulped hungrily.

"Ronald." Unconsciously, their tone had become gentle. " it really of no risk?"

the leader asked. It was the question on everyone's mind.

"No risks at all. Relax. It's just like moving furniture, and in this case, it's a woman. You take her from her home and bring her to my place, and then your work is done. It is so simple."

Ronald patted the leader's shoulder again and assur

again. Ronald told his friends to lurk around Linda's residence. As soon as she came back, they were supposed to take action!

Linda was exhausted, and Little Tomato was fast asleep in her arms. She couldn't bear to wake her up, so she remained seated inside the car.

"Ronald, is that Linda Xia?" the leader asked in a whisper.

"Of course, it is. Do you think I am waiting here for nothing? It's her." Ronald was irritated, but he needed their help, so he didn't say anything more.

"Why isn't she getting out of the car? Did she discover us already?" the leader asked nervously.

That bothered Ronald. He couldn't be sure if Linda had found anything unusual or not. If she made a phone call in the car, asking for help, he was just courting death.

"Wait here. If something goes wrong, we will—" Before he could finish his sentence, Linda got out of the car, carrying her daughter.

Ronald shouted, "Now!"

The men lurking around in the shadows rushed out in an instant and put Linda and her daughter in the sack. Little Tomato woke up in fear and cried aloud, and Linda screamed for help.

But since it was past midnight, nobody heard them. They were thrown into Ronald's car and the car sped away from the residence.

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