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   Chapter 1025 He Was So Bold To Do Something Evil

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Changdu Characters: 6702

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The whole place was reeking. When Dragon saw Ronald pee on his pants while pointing a gun at him, his expression got filled with disdain. Who would have thought that Ronald was such a coward?

Putting his gun away, Dragon stood behind Linda and completely ignored Ronald.

At first, Linda just wanted to taste the famous duck meat in Pearl Restaurant. However, she lost her appetite because of Ronald. She irritably lifted her handbag and got up from the chair, giving Ronald a contemptuous glance.

This was the first time she looked at him because she hated looking at losers. She then covered her nose in disgust and then shook her head before going away.

Dragon followed Linda silently and left with her.

Seeing Dragon take out a gun, the manager and waiters hid themselves. Only after when they didn't hear gunfire that they stretched out their heads and looked around to see what was going on.

They all watched Linda and Dragon walking out of the restaurant. Then they saw Ronald standing alone with his wet pants and trembling legs. Moreover, they also noticed the stinky puddle on the floor.

The manager, waiters, and some customers as well surrounded and laughed ironically after seeing Ronald.

Ronald wanted to leave but he couldn't move his legs. He also wanted to shoo the onlookers away but he couldn't find his voice.

It wasn't just his pants that were dripping, but his back was also soaked with cold sweat. Dragon's gun scared him so much. It gave him terrors of death.

Ronald was sure that if Linda ordered Dragon to shoot the gun, Dragon would definitely pull the trigger without any hesitation. He could still remember how Dragon looked at him. Dragon's eyes were like knives cutting through his psychological defense.

It took a long time before Ronald finally came to his senses. For Pete's sake! He even forgot how to walk. He could see the people around him and the ridicule seeping his skin made him plan to do something evil.

Some minutes lat

ith her identity, they were all certain that she was someone they could never afford to offend.

"Ronald Zhuo, are you crazy? Don't you know who Linda Xia is? Are you kidding us?" the leader said.

"I know who she is, so I said that. I want to kidnap her. Guys, can you help me? You will have as much fun with her as you wish!" Ronald opened his mouth again, and this time he looked serious.

Although these young men were naughty, it was a big deal to kidnap Linda.

Thus, the leader responded, "Ronald, Linda is Charles Mu's wife, the Lady of the Mu Clan! She is not just an ordinary person. Aren't you afraid of ending up miserable once Charles knows?"

Ronald just deadpanned their advice. The only thought inside his mind was to kidnap Linda. He didn't need to worry about how to deal with her. He knew that he was more than capable to insult her as he liked.

He wasn't even scared of getting punished or what would happen after.

"Of course, I knew Linda. I don't even have any doubts about Charles' power. Thus, I came here to ask for your advice today. Relax guys. If we can make it, I promise that you will be able to eat and drink whatever you want and never be worried about money, anymore."

While saying, Ronald took out a checkbook and a pen from his bag. He then started writing some numbers seriously.

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