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   Chapter 1024 You Got A New Husband

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Ronald was shocked to hear that Patricia was carrying twins, whose father was Devin Nalan. He didn't expect that she would actually get pregnant with the Nalan Clan's offspring.

Even though Ronald wanted to hurt Patricia and force her to get an abortion, he didn't dare. After all, he was just an ordinary man; he couldn't afford to offend the members of the Nalan Clan. That would get him in trouble. But he couldn't just swallow his anger.

"How can you be so stuck-up? How can you be so impolite to me, huh? You dare speak to me in such a tone! Do you really think I can't hurt you anymore?" Ronald cursed, pointing at Patricia's nose.

In a flying rage, Ronald got up and rushed to the kitchen. When he had entered into the house earlier, he heard Holly cooking in the kitchen. So, he decided to ask his mother for help.

Ronald knew that his mother cared about him the most. He didn't think that she would protect Patricia and refuse to help him.

When Patricia saw her brother heading into the kitchen to ask their mother for help, she said nothing. She didn't even stop him. She used to be afraid of Holly before. But things were different now. She was carrying the Nalan Clan's offspring. Moreover, since she had discovered Holly's weakness, she wasn't as cowardly as she used to be.

She was now assertive and unafraid of Holly's threats.

Rushing into the kitchen, Ronald grabbed Holly's sleeve like a spoiled child.

He was a particularly good actor. He was the abuser, but he always played the victim card.

He cried to her in a trembling voice, looking aggrieved.

When Holly saw her son crying so desperately, she felt distressed.

Holding him in her embrace, she asked with concern, "Who made you cry, Ronald? Don't be afraid. I'll help you get even with them."

Holly was now very confident about her authority in the society. Since Lenny had consented to the marriage between Devin and Patricia, she already regarded herself as a member of the Nalan Clan. If someone dared to bully her son, they were obviously defying the Nalan Clan as well.

Holly knew that no one in SH City would dare to treat the Nalan Clan disrespectfully.


s like a fly has entered our space."

Linda's words were bound to stir up a fight between her and Ronald.

Their conflict had started a long time ago when Linda began to learn how to drive. She wasn't very skilled at the time, so she drove slowly along the highway.

Ronald wanted to overtake her car. He drove so fast that he hit the back of Linda's car. Ever since that incident, Linda hated him.

"Whom are you calling a fly?" Irritated by Linda's words, Ronald rushed towards her.

Swiftly, he was stopped by the man who had been sitting opposite her. Ronald hadn't even noticed him rise from his seat.

"Dragon, you're a specially trained bodyguard. You're too overqualified to deal with a miserable fly. If you fight him, you'll only demean yourself." Linda still didn't look up at Ronald; she was relishing her meal.

Ronald was already in a foul mood. He couldn't bear such humiliation from her. He growled, "Linda, how dare you insult me like that! I'll teach you some manners!"

Just as he was about to step forward, he felt something cold against his temple. Dragon had a pistol pointed at Ronald's head.

Holding the dangerous weapon in his hand, Dragon stood there with an indifferent look on his face. 'Even if I shoot, I'll only be killing an insignificant fly, ' he thought to himself.

Ronald had never been so frightened in his life. At that moment, he became a complete coward and involuntarily wet his pants.

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