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   Chapter 1023 Your Dirty Secret

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Patricia came out of her room as well.

At first, she was startled to find the living room empty. Then Patricia heard the sound of flowing water. Her mind instantly perceived Ronald must be removing some proof of his crime.

Slowly, she tiptoed to get a closer look at what he was doing. It turned out Ronald had forgotten to close the door so Patricia caught him washing his bloody hands.

The sight made her give out a small scream. Ronald cocked his head and saw her watching him. A look of fear flashed in his eyes, but it was instantly replaced by something cruel. He looked straight into her eyes for a few seconds before he shifted his focus back to his hands.

Patricia's worry intensified after seeing the look that passed his eyes. She had seen the madness in it. Something told her that if it had been a stranger instead of her then he wouldn't have given a second thought before killing them. He seemed determined to have his secret kept hidden.

Patricia put her phone in her pocket and fled to her room hurriedly.

She actually had no desire, whatsoever, to be involved in Ronald's case. Neither Holly nor Ronald was close to Patricia. In other words, Patricia made up her mind that what went on with her mother or her brother was none of her business.

However, Ronald did not think of that in the same way. After he cleaned his hand with soap, he put his clothes into the washing machine with a great deal of laundry detergent. He even added some bleaching powder, hoping it could erase the color.

After changing his clothes, Ronald kicked the door of Patricia's room heavily.

Earlier, Patricia had intended to keep herself hidden from his matter. But this sudden reaction from him left her feeling terrified. She now felt afraid at Ronald's proximity.

She reminded herself that she was carrying a baby. Such a strong reaction of fright was definitely not good for her baby's health. But Ronald was so full of himself and never thought much about his sister or her baby.

"Ronald, are you insane? Can't you have the decency to knock at the door before coming in?" Patricia shouted, trying to hide her nervousness.

"Knock at the door?" Ronald repeated her question with a sneer. Then he comically walked back to the door and knocked at it. "There you go. I have knocked at it!" he said with a vicious look.

Patricia did not know how to deal with her brother's behavior. Once again, she tried to tell him that she didn't want him in her room. "

decided it was time for him to convince it wasn't true.

"Are you crazy? Do you really think I have killed someone in the bar? I am sorry, but you are just being ridiculous! The murderer has been caught by the police already!" Ronald spoke loudly but in Patricia's ears, his words felt weak. It was evident he was trying not to make himself look guilty.

"So someone else has been put behind the bars for your crime? Don't you feel an ounce of guilt? Poor man! He was obviously sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit whereas the real murderer is sitting in his home with his pregnant sister." Now it was Patricia who stared at Ronald's eyes without blinking. Her challenging eyes glared into his.

Ronald was stunned. He never expected that his sister knew about his crime in such a detailed manner. Yet he tried to look calm in front of her. "Do you have any evidence for this?" he asked coolly.

Patricia suddenly gave him a knowing smile and said, "Does this mean you are scared? Are you afraid I will give away your dirty secret? I am pretty sure no chemical can wash away the blood on your shirt. It will forever remain a testimony to the crime you have committed. And if someone gets a hold of it, I'm afraid you'll end up in the jail. Even if you are not sentenced to death, you will be given life imprisonment!"

Ronald's expression turned cold and a terrible idea entered his mind.

"Now, are you planning to kill me? You have to remember I am carrying the opposite-sex twins in my belly. They will be the members of the Nalan Clan!" Patricia and Ronald had their eyes locked and neither of them showed any signs of stepping back.

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