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   Chapter 1022 You Are My Dearest Daughter

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Coincidentally, the cab that Holly hailed this time was the same that she had just taken to the Nalan Clan's old house. Seeing the driver's familiar face, Holly greeted him with a bright smile. Likewise, the driver smilingly greeted back, "So you've met the parents of your son-in-law, Madam?" Originally, the taxi driver didn't intend to drive back to this place. However, he thought that he could earn a big amount coming to this route. The Nalan Clan's house was very far away from downtown. Thus, he came back to check his luck. Fortunately, he met Holly again while she was calling for a taxi.

"Sure, I met them. Hahaha..." Holly couldn't help bursting into laughter. She was so thrilled that she couldn't suppress it at all.

A little confused by Holly's reaction, the driver just looked at her through the rearview. His passenger seemed to be filled with great joy while on the backseat.

'This woman seems so happy and excited after visiting the Nalan Clan's house. Has her family joined the Nalan Clan through marriage?' he thought.

However, the driver shook his head as soon as he came across that thought while muttering, "That's impossible. Absolutely impossible. If this woman is the Young Master's mother-in-law, then how come she doesn't have her own car and needs a taxi? This is so incredible!" With that concern being none of his business, the driver didn't think much anymore and just drove Holly back to her house, which was along the way to the Nalan Clan's old one.

Of course, Holly had a car.

The only reason why she rode a taxi today was that she didn't know how to drive.

She would have asked her driver to take her there but then she was afraid that the Nalan Clan might embarrass her. To save her face from having her driver see that happening, she decided to just take a taxi. She really wanted to know the Nalan Clan's attitude towards her daughter.

Patricia was standing beside a window when Holly arrived. Seeing that her mother waved goodbye to the driver enthusiastically, Patrica felt hopeful and confident about her mother's visit to the Nalan Clan.

'Has the Nalan Clan finally accepted me and agreed to our marriage?' she thought. She was still lost in thoughts when Holly opened the door and came in.

Immediately, Holly approached her and gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

"Patricia, I am so lucky to have a daughter like you! I love you most, sweetie!" After finishing her sweet words, she even crazily kissed Patricia here and there all over her face.

It was only after kissing her whole face that she stopped.

Patricia was completely shocked by what Holly did. Her mother had never treated her so kindly and lovingly before!

In an excited tone, Holly then blurted, "Pa

th with her hand to avoid others inside the house from hearing her. It was confirmed. The murderer was indeed her brother!

However, she was left with no choice but to accept the truth since there were so many news and reports about the murder. Upon refreshing the web pages, she saw more and more news reports about it.

"Tencent News reported that a man intentionally hit another man, who was put to death at last. The male suspect was captured near HC Road at 19:45 that night. He confessed everything about his crime on the spot. At present, he has been criminally detained for further interrogation."

Patricia got even more surprised upon reading this news because the man shown on the page wasn't her brother.

She was so certain of Ronald's voice while watching the video. Who on earth was the murderer then? This was confusing her to the brink.

"Can two men resemble each other so much? More so, can two men's voices sound the same?" Patricia thought out loud while considering if she had to tell Holly about this.

However, she decided to keep the news a secret from her mother after some minutes of thinking. She was afraid that Holly might blame her for mistaking her brother if he didn't commit the murder.

She was still deep in her wild thoughts and considering what to do next when the door of her room was suddenly flung open. She saw Ronald.

Patricia immediately guessed that he had drunk before getting there. He was reeking with the pungent smell of alcohol. Moreover, she also noticed the bloodstain all over him.

But then Ronald seemed to find that this was the wrong room, so he turned around and rushed back to the living room. He went to the washroom, took his clothes off and then leaned upon the washbasin, breathing heavily.

It seemed that he had handled a fairly important thing.

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