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   Chapter 1021 Lenny's Acceptance

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After leaving, Holly went straight to the taxi station.

The Nalan Clan's residence was a symbolic building in the neighborhood, with the private courtyard, garden, swimming pool and the tall villa itself. Almost all the taxi drivers knew the place, so Holly had no difficulty hailing a taxi.

"Where are you going?" the taxi driver asked when she got in.

"The Nalan Clan's villa!" Holly replied crossly because she was in a rage.

"Yo, which servant of the Nalan Clan offended you? Heh!" the taxi driver joked. He didn't think a woman like Holly would have anything to do with the Nalan Clan.

Of course, Holly picked up the sarcasm in the driver's voice. She replied complacently, "I am going to see my daughter's father-in-law."

The driver laughed. He had driven many 'daughters-in-law' or 'mothers-in-law' of the Nalan Clan lately, those who daydreamed about having ties of kinship with the Nalan Clan. He thought Holly was just one of them.

"All right, then. Sit tight. I will drive you to see your daughter's father-in-law." As he said that, the driver stepped on the accelerator and headed to the Nalan Clan's villa.

Hearing the driver's words, "your daughter's father-in-law", Holly's displeasure faded away, to be replaced by growing discomfort and an uneasy fear.

Although she had fairly seen the world, it was her first time visiting such a wealthy family. If she brought shame on herself, she would be laughed at by everyone.

But if she went back home now, Patricia would laugh her teeth off. Holly would rather be mocked by others than be taunted by her own daughter.

She didn't really care about losing her face in front of others. Moreover, it was the Nalan Clan. Anybody in that house could easily embarrass her and drive her out, but she wouldn't let Patricia insult her.

They arrived outside the Nalan Clan's villa in no time. After Holly paid for the taxi, the driver said sarcastically, "Hope you have a nice time talking to your daughter's father-in-

rrying twins? A boy and a girl."

"Really? When Patricia came back home, she didn't tell me anything because I left to see you in a hurry." Holly confirmed that Lenny had really accepted Patricia, and the reason was probably because Patricia was having twins.

She thought, 'I have to treat Patricia well when I get back home. Ronald's future and the fortune of the Zhuo Clan will depend on her."

"Mrs. Zhuo, I hope we will be able to support each other in the future," Lenny said, but his voice was filled with disdain.

The Zhuo Clan's company was attached to the Nalan Clan. But it was only a subsidiary.

Patricia would marry Devin. And things would change for them tremendously.

Holly was glad to hear Lenny say that he hoped they would support each other. If the Nalan Clan was willing to support the Zhuo Clan, they could expect a prosperous future.

Holly bowed slightly and responded with a smile, "We're grateful for your support. Don't worry. The Zhuo Clan will surely follow the Nalan Clan's lead."

"You are welcome." Lenny too bowed slightly with a faint smile.

Soon after, Holly finally left the villa. She was still a little confused, but one thing she was sure of was that Patricia wasn't lying and Lenny had truly accepted her.

Holly took a taxi and went back home, grinning in excitement.

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