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   Chapter 1020 We Will See What Happens

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"Patricia, are you there? What are you doing? You have been in your room for a long time. Is everything okay? Patricia, open the door. Let's talk a little bit about what happened," Holly said as she knocked at the door anxiously.

However, Patricia was engrossed in planning about her future right now. Thus, she couldn't hear the knocks on her door.

Receiving no response, Holly grew more worried. She ended up pounding the door and shouting, "Can you hear me, Patricia? Are you okay? Please open the door!"

It was only then that Holly's voice reached Patricia's ears. She sighed and thought that she must have said something to her mother that she didn't mean.

She trudged to the door and opened it for Holly. It was far from her plan to make her mother read her mind. So she forced a smile for her to conceal how her heart was breaking at the moment.

"Sorry, mother. I didn't hear you just now. What's up? Can I do something for you?" asked Patricia, pretending to be okay.

Although Patricia was smiling, Holly could sense that there was something wrong with her child. "How are things going between you and Devin, dear? Did his father treat you well?" she asked Patricia back while gazing at her worriedly.

Expecting that her mother would be worrying about this, she calmed herself and replied, "Lenny didn't do anything indifferent after finding out that I'm pregnant. He finally..."

"He finally what?" Holly interrupted as she couldn't wait to hear her daughter's answer. The Zhuo Clan would get all the Nalan Clan's support if Lenny accepted Patricia as his daughter-in-law. In short, everyone would surely bow their heads to them.

"He finally... he finally agreed for me and Devin to get married." Guilt showed on Patricia's face as she spoke in a low voice. She almost whispered her words. Thus, Holly didn't hear her and asked again, "I didn't get it, Patricia! Can you repeat what you said?"

"Umh...I said... I said Lenny accepted me as his daughter-in-law," Patricia repeated a bit louder.

"Really?" Holly couldn't believe what she heard. However, she did see Devin driving her daughter home personally just now. It seemed that Patricia wasn't lying.

"Yes. It's... It's true," Patricia answered, nodding. Holly almost danced with glee upon realizing everything. She had always been very snobbish. Nonetheless, hearing that her daughter would marry into the Nalan Clan made her ecstatic. She didn't even doubt what Patricia said. "Oh, Patricia, I'm so proud of you!

You're finally getting married and your weddi

ldn't help but shout, "How dare you to say that to me? I'm your mother!"

She then walked towards the door. She was already halfway when she added, "Since you lied to me, I'll go to the Nalan Clan and ask Devin by myself!"

Holly thought that her daughter would stop her, but she was wrong.

Ironically, Patricia just shrugged a shoulder. She wasn't the one to compromise anymore. She said, "Go if you want to go. No one's stopping you." Patricia didn't want to put herself in such a position, but things were getting out of hand.

She had no choice but to fight back since Holly was pushing her hard. She would be Holly's pawn again if she bowed down to her. With that said, she would be back to being her puppet again.

"I already told you the truth but you chose not to trust me. Well, in that case, go to the Nalan Clan! Ask Lenny and Devin yourself! Again, you're free to go." She bit her lips after those words.

To be honest, Patricia's stand with Lenny was very uncertain. She wasn't even sure if Lenny would accept her or not. She bet that Lenny would only do that once he found out that she was carrying opposite-sex twins.

Confused about Patricia's words, Holly looked back at her daughter and thought, 'How can she be this confident? Is it possible that Lenny already agreed to her marriage? I must find out myself.'

"Okay," Holly chirped as if nothing happened. "I'll go to the Nalan Clan then and have a word with Lenny. We'll see what happens, Patricia."

That was all she said before leaving without even looking back.

Sighing deeply, Patricia watched her mother walk away. She didn't know where this situation would lead to. She could only hope for a miracle to happen.

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