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   Chapter 1019 The Baby's Gender

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6035

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Devin couldn't recall how many cigarettes he had smoked. His feelings were complex.

He thought that he could eventually get rid of his burden, Patricia. However, the tables turned and he ended up getting more pressure than expected.

Earlier, he even thought that Jessie's eyes were laughing at him. He couldn't stand it anymore but Lenny told him to look after Patricia. Thus, he had to obey no matter what.

This was why Devin felt so depressed.

On the other hand, Patricia lay on the bed at loss. She was staring blankly at the ceiling. It was hard to tell what was in her mind.

After a long time, the doctor entered the ward again.

"You can leave the hospital, Miss Zhuo," he announced.

The doctor intentionally showed great respect to Patricia that time, considering her potential to be the next Lady of the Nalan Clan. He better pleased her in advance.

That was when Devin stepped back to the ward, reeking with strong cigarette smell. Jessie glanced at Devin but didn't say anything.

"Let's go. I will drive you home!" Devin stated after throwing her a glance.

"Oh!" Patricia hadn't thought that Devin would personally drive her home. Thus, she was both flattered and petrified.

After dropping Patricia at their home, Devin drove to the Nalan Clan's residence with Rosy and Jessie in the car.

But before they left, Jessie said to Patricia. "Don't worry too much, okay? Take good care of yourself and never forget your responsibility."

Patricia nodded and then entered the house.

She couldn't believe that she was carrying both a girl and a boy until now. Moreover, her mind kept doubting if the test result was true. Did Jessie do something in secret?

Thinking that Jessie was already home, Patricia dialed her number immediately.

"Hello... Miss Luo, I wan

er if the baby wasn't there.

Thus, she must find a way by herself. Although Jessie promised that it would be no problem, nobody knew how their plan would go on. She was sure that they would dump her once she lost her value.

Patricia might have agreed to Jessie by words but she wasn't stupid to fully believe her. She was now thinking if she should go on with their plan or not.

Honestly, she really got interested when Devin offered her a sum of money before. However, that money was nothing compared with the Nalan Clan's fortune. It was just a drop in the bucket and she didn't think it was enough.

However, Patricia was now considering his offer to be practical now. She would certainly face a great calamity if this secret got exposed. It would be better for her to just take the money Devin offered and left.

Patricia touched her belly. The baby was innocent and she had no plans of harming her. Something had changed within her emotionally after finding out she was pregnant. She was not alone anymore. No matter what happened, she had to consider everything for the baby. Patricia got lost in thought again.

A knock on the door interrupted her. Holly's voice came from outside.

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