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   Chapter 1018 Opposite-sex Twins

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Lenny and Devin had been waiting for the examination result for a while. They had been in the VIP room since earlier today. Growing more impatient with each passing second, Lenny finally stood up. He couldn't take this anymore. He had to know the results at once. Thus, he decided to go to the laboratory.

It was right at that moment when the doctor finally came in. Lenny sat back on the sofa immediately upon seeing him and waited for what the doctor had to say.

"Go straight to the point. What's the result?"

Lenny said in an authoritative tone, displaying his superiority. The doctor had planned to make them guess what the baby's gender was before he came in. However, it seemed that Lenny had already read his mind and known exactly what he planned to do.

Thus, he replied directly, "Congratulations, My Lord and Master Devin! Miss Zhuo is pregnant with twins!"

Devin stood up quickly upon hearing the news. However, he did so not because he was excited. He was very dissatisfied.

Lenny had talked a lot with him the whole time they were inside that VIP room. He understood what his father said to him perfectly. It dawned on him how much his father loved their clan and what he was doing was for the Nalan Clan's sake.

Lenny declared Devin to be the successor of the Nalan Clan during their conversation. Considering that, it would be inadvisable for him to make rash decisions on marrying any woman.

Lenny even told him to persuade Patricia to have an abortion regardless if the baby was a boy or a girl. Having an untimely baby in the Nalan Clan wouldn't be good for the future.

Little did Devin know that what his father had told him was exactly what Jessie had told Rosy earlier at the restaurant. Jessie was clever enough to have read Lenny's mind.

Weighing all the pros and cons of marrying Patricia in their family, Devin immediately dropped the idea, although he had sworn to marry her. He was even considering an abortion now. Getting the child aborted would save him from a lot of troubles.

Thus, he was more or less in a daze upon hearing what the doctor announced. For Pete's sake, they were about to have twins! If having to tell Patricia that she needed to abort one baby was already jading him, what more annoyed now was that he had to kill two! He wasn't sure if his conscience could take it. He was just a mere human being after all.

Lenny's eyebrows deeply furrowed too after hearing the news. Like Devin, he was shocked to know that Patricia was carrying twins. However, he already made his decision. The twins should be aborted whether they were boys or girls.

He was about to open his

m arrived at Patricia's ward. Since Patricia just had a surgery, she had to lie still on the bed for a while and stay in that hospital.

The doctor already told her about the twins and Patricia couldn't be more excited about what she heard.

Nevertheless, she quickly calmed herself down, because she knew that it would still be Lenny who would decide her fate but not the doctor.

Seeing the four of them coming in, Patricia tightly grabbed her bedsheet as if she was a criminal waiting to be sentenced.

"How are you feeling?" Lenny asked while looking down at her gently.

Lost for words, she wasn't sure what to say. She couldn't even tell if Lenny really cared about her health at all.

"I... I am fine!" Patricia briefly replied.

Lenny nodded and then turned to look at Devin. He said, "Stay here and keep her company until she recovers, Devin. Take her back home after that."

As soon as he finished talking, Lenny walked out of the ward slowly.

Little did anyone know that Patricia's hands and back had been damp with sweat by that time. It was such a relief to hear those words. She felt like she had just been pardoned from a death sentence.

Rosy and Jessie ended up sighing in a choir. It was good to know that Patricia wouldn't need an abortion anymore.

It was only Devin who was left frowning that time. He cast a look at Patricia and then turned to Jessie, who was standing nearby. He then wordlessly left the room, heading to the smoking area alone.

He had to calm himself. The examination result had rocked his world inside and out. He was so ready to get rid of Patricia who was just a burden to him. However, Patricia was announced to be pregnant with opposite-sex twins. Worse, it happened in the presence of Jessie.

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