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   Chapter 1017 It Was Really Disgusting

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Rosy couldn't be happier upon seeing the doctor agree to their plan. It seemed that this wasn't the first time Jessie bribed someone and she was obviously a hustler in doing it.

Nonetheless, she didn't really care as long as she got what she wanted. Just like how the old saying went, the result would always justify the means.

The doctor took the bank card from his coat's pocket and slid it into his jeans. He then nodded to Jessie and Rosy before entering the examination room again.

After a short while, he went out of the room with another test result in his hand.

"Congratulations! You girls are expecting opposite-sex twins!" Laughing mildly, the doctor showed the test report to Jessie and Rosy.

He then started to the VIP room while grinning ear to ear.

"The doctor looked really disgusting!"

Rosy exclaimed as soon as the doctor left. Her smile was quickly replaced with a frown as she shook her head.

"Hey, didn't you notice how cute he is?" Jessie smiled at Rosy and patted her shoulder.

"Cute?" Rosy exaggerated while casting Jessie a confused stare. Had Jessie just lost her mind? That doctor was actually far from being cute. More so, physically attractive.

She was about to say something but Jessie shut her up with another smile and confirmed, "Yes. He is cute! Remember that our plan could have failed if that cute doctor doesn't exist."

"Oh, yes! You are right! He is definitely cute!" Thinking about what Jessie said, Rosy finally nodded and smirked.

Jessie was still staring at the doctor's back by that time with her eyes shining wickedly.

Noticing it, Rosy shook her head helplessly. It was then that she remembered another problem. Thus, she asked, "Can I ask you something, Jessie?" Rosy started subtly.

"Are you going to ask why I insisted for us to stay outside the testing room and why I wanted us to know the baby's gender?" Jessie asked back as if she could read Rosy's mind.

Shocked, Rosy took a little while to collect herself. She asked, "You are right. Since we have already modified the test result, I'm wondering what we did that for."

"Well, can't you remember what you said in the restaurant?" Jessie sighed.

Scratching her head, Rosy tried to think. She then said, "I asked you one t

sneak the baby into the delivery room? We can't stay there while she gives birth, you know."

A laugh escaped Jessie's chest. She then pointed to the direction of where the doctor went. She whispered, "Well, I guess that's the time we rely on the cute guy!"

Rosy's eyes lit up upon hearing it. She took her bank card out of her purse and then shook it while laughing. "You mean you'll use this again?"

"Yes!" Jessie started laughing too.

'All that's left to do now is to wait for Patricia's delivery date. We're almost done with our plan. Nevertheless, I still want to see Lenny's reaction to Patricia's test result, ' Jessie thought. She then grabbed Rosy's hand and walked toward the VIP room with Rosy.

She was eager to know how Lenny handled the news. Although she was sure that Lenny would accept the results, witnessing his actual reaction would still be best. Thus, she excitedly dragged Rosy across the corridor.

A few seconds after and they saw the doctor they talked with previously. He was getting ready to enter the VIP room with the test result in his hand.

He took a deep breath to calm himself. Although this wasn't the first time he was doing such thing, he was still nervous to the hilt. The man inside the room was not just a regular man, but it was Lenny from the Nalan Clan. He would definitely end up getting fired if he didn't get his acts together.

After a few minutes of pondering, the doctor finally opened the VIP room's door. 'This is it, ' he said to himself.

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