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   Chapter 1016 A Really Big Family

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Rosy shook Jessie's arm so hard that Jessie could hardly balance herself. She even felt a bit dizzy. "Stop it, Rosy! I can't stand it anymore! I'll tell you what I can do about it, okay?" Jessie shouted, frowning.

"Oh my! You're indeed my good friend. I know you've always cared about me," Rosy said with a laugh.

She moved her head close to Jessie's cheek and tried to kiss her. However, Jessie quickly blocked her with her hand.

"Stop! You're making me sick. Can't you see that we're in a public place? They might mistake us for lesbians!"

Hearing Jessie's words, Rosy grinned. Then she said seriously, "Okay. I won't play tricks on you anymore. Let's get to the point."

Jessie nodded. She then went silent as if thinking. She looked at Rosy after a while and whispered, "There are still ways to solve Patricia's problem."

"How then? Tell me, Jessie. Don't keep me in suspense. I just want to hear the answer directly," said Rosy as she looked at her expectantly.

"Please be patient. It doesn't matter if Patricia is carrying a boy or a girl. Your father will eventually find a way to abort it. However, if she is carrying twins, especially the opposite-sex twins, then..."

Jessie stopped and gazed at Rosy with a meaningful smile.

Realizing what her friend meant, Rosy burst into laughter.

"You mean to say my father will run out of reasons to abort the twins if they are opposite-sex. Thus, it will save her and the children."

"Yes, you're right," agreed Jessie while nodding.

"Are you nuts? How can we decide about what Patricia is carrying? We are not prophets! What if they aren't twins?"

Jessie was drinking at that moment. Hearing Rosy almost made her laugh. Thus, she quickly took a tissue and wiped the spilled liquid from her mouth. She then gazed at Rosy seriously. "You're usually smart, Rosy. Why are you so stupid when talking about pregnancy?"

Not knowing what her friend meant, Rosy asked, "What makes you say that? This is no doubt a hard nut to crack. The doctor can't make a mistake onc

whole time.

She was pacing back and forth before Jessie. She was growing more and more impatient with every second that ticked.

"Stop it, Rosy! You're making me dizzy," said Jessie as she tapped the chair next to hers, gesturing her to sit down. Rosy promised to wait but then she wouldn't follow what Jessie asked.

It was then that the laboratory door finally opened and the doctor came out with the result.

"What's the result, doctor?" Jessie and Rosy asked in chorus, almost too eagerly.

"She's carrying a girl!" The doctor was about to go to the VIP room to report the result to Lenny when Jessie grabbed his arm.

"May I have a word with you, doctor?" She then led the doctor to a corner. She took her bank card out from her handbag and slipped it into the doctor's coat pocket.

"What's this?" asked the doctor although he didn't refuse her.

Jessie replied calmly, "Doctor, I think Patricia is carrying twins, and the two children are of the opposite sex."

As a man of social experience, the doctor instantly understood what Jessie meant. He was also aware of the many complex disputes within big families like the Nalan Clan. To avoid getting himself into trouble, he echoed Jessie's words, "Yes, Lord Lenny will have both a grandson and a granddaughter. I'll go and congratulate him. The Nalan Clan is indeed a really big family!"

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