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   Chapter 1015 She Doesn't Qualify

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Patricia was conscious when she was wheeled out of the anesthetic room. She indistinctly saw Devin, Jessie, and Rosy standing at the door of the operating room.

Patricia weakly called out Devin's name. Since Patricia was about to be pushed into the operating room, Devin went to her side without putting an air of arrogance.

"Patricia, what is it?" he asked.

When Patricia saw Devin come over, her calm heart started to beat fast again. The dread of what would happen after the surgery surged in her heart.

Although the anesthetic was starting to work, Patricia still cried out in fear. Tears started falling from her eyes like waterfalls.

Devin wasn't good at comforting anyone. Moreover, the one crying was Patricia, a woman he didn't like, so he just stood still and stared blankly at her without knowing what to say.

"Devin, tell me if you want a boy or a girl." Patricia touched her belly with difficulty. The anesthetic was slowing down her thoughts.

Devin was silent for a moment. Then, he said, "It depends on what my father wants."

Hearing that Devin would listen to his father, Patricia closed her eyes desperately.

At last, the anesthetic made her slip into a state of unconsciousness, but the answer she'd heard from Devin had let her down.

The nurse pushed Patricia into the operating room, and the people outside were left to wait silently.

Lenny didn't want to stay here and waste his time, so he went to the VIP Lounge to talk to the director of the hospital about his own health.

Devin didn't want to waste his time because of Patricia either, so he went to the VIP Lounge with Lenny.

Jessie and Rosy sat alone outside the operating room, not knowing how long the surgery would last.

The sun set quietly in the west and night fell in the city. No one had dinner because of

" Rosy was curious about where Jessie was going with this.

Jessie laughed in a low voice and then explained, "I mean it doesn't matter whether Patricia will have a son or a daughter. Your father doesn't want the child either way."

Rosy didn't say anything but stared at Jessie, waiting for her to continue.

Jessie continued to express her analysis of the situation. "If Patricia has a boy, your father will say that she has a low status and doesn't qualify to give birth to the first grandson of the Nalan Clan."

"What if Patricia has a daughter?" Rosy couldn't help asking.

Jessie frowned. "If she has a daughter, your father will say that he doesn't want the child because it's a girl. The Nalan Clan wants a boy."

Hearing that, Rosy finally understood the situation. "Do you mean that whatever the test result is, Patricia won't be able to keep her baby?"

Thinking about that made Rosy nervous. Would the plan fail? They had prepared it for so long.

"Jessie, since you already know what my father's thinking, you must know what to do, right?" Rosy asked, grabbing Jessie's hand.

"Jessie, tell me now. You're my best friend, my counselor!" Rosy acted like a spoiled child and waved Jessie's hand.

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