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   Chapter 1014 Amniocentesis

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"Have an amniocentesis?" Lenny was curious about the servant's words and immediately questioned her.

"Come over here. What did you mean?" he continued.

The servant began trembling all over when she heard Lenny calling her. She was scared that her words had infuriated Lenny and that he would fire her.

She didn't want to be fired like the other two servants who had been dismissed by Rosy earlier. Lost in thought about the consequences of being fired, the servant stood there in a daze. She wasn't sure whether to approach Lenny like he had ordered her to or quickly leave.

"Come here right now. Why are you standing there like a rock? I have something to ask you!" Lenny said impatiently.

When the servant heard that Lenny just wanted to ask her a question, she realized that she wasn't going to be fired. Breathing a sigh of relief, she turned around and walked to Lenny. However, she still couldn't stop trembling. She kept her head low as she waited for Lenny to ask her the question.

"Just now, you mentioned amniocentesis. What does that mean?"

"In our village, people value boys more than girls. One of my friends wanted to know if her baby was a boy or a girl before she gave birth, so she had an amniocentesis in a hospital. After the examination, the hospital told her that her baby was a boy, so she spent the rest of her pregnancy at ease."

The servant's words seemed to renew Lenny's hope for stopping this marriage. He immediately turned around and stared at Patricia with a glimmer of hope.

"Father, do you want Patricia to have an amniocentesis?" Rosy asked hurriedly when she saw her father's strange expression.

"Why not?" Lenny replied. He wanted Patricia to go for an amniocentesis so that the baby's sex could be determined.

On the other hand, Devin didn't want Patricia to go for an amniocentesis, because even though he didn't know much about the process, he was certain that it might have harmful side effects.

Although he hated Patricia and didn't want her to be his fiancee, the baby that she was carrying in her womb was innocent.

"Father, how can you believe in a servant's words? I think that it's unnecessary to undergo that examination. I've already promised to marry Patricia. I don't care whether the baby is a boy or a girl."

Devin's words angered Lenny, who retorted, "You don't care whether

sted that the fetus was healthy, and so was Patricia. Hence, the doctors concluded that Patricia could undergo the surgery.

Meanwhile, Lenny found the attending physician and asked, "Is amniocentesis really helpful for identifying whether the fetus is male or female?"

Hearing this question, the attending physician nodded with a smile. "My Lord, please rest assured. We can definitely identify the sex of the fetus!"

Lenny smiled back, satisfied with this response. "That's great. I will reward you if it's a boy!"

Then, he patted the attending physician on his shoulder.

Inside the anesthetic room, Patricia was lying down on a bed. A doctor wearing a white gown and a surgical mask was busy dosing anesthetic.

Patricia was very nervous as she was uncertain about what consequences she would have to bear after the surgery. She was so stressed that even the anesthetist felt helpless.

If Patricia continued being stressed and nervous even after he administered the original dose of anesthetic, the anesthesia might fail to work before the surgery ended. The consequences would be unbearable.

But if she was administered too much anesthetic, the consequences would be even more severe. After weighing all the factors, the anesthetist had no choice but to console Patricia, telling her that it was only a small surgery which wouldn't affect her health and asking her to keep calm.

After the doctor appeased her for some time, Patricia finally calmed herself down; Only after that was she administered anesthetic and pushed into an operation theater.

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