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   Chapter 1013 Shut Up

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"Now that this has already happened, we should think of the baby first. Although the adult world is complicated and many people do bad things, the baby is innocent!" Jessie said with ease.

Devin naturally agreed with what Jessie said. Sometimes, he couldn't understand why he liked Jessie so much.

Rosy kept silent and let Jessie do all the talking since Jessie was better at convincing people.

Hearing Jessie's words, Lenny thought about it carefully. Although it seemed like Jessie was talking about Patricia's pregnancy, he sensed that there was an underlying meaning to her words.

"Devin, have you really decided to marry Patricia?" Lenny asked seriously, turning to Devin.

Devin was stunned when he heard Lenny's abrupt question.

He was not sure what his father meant. Besides, he still hadn't gotten Lenny's consent.

He looked at Jessie and Rosy. Jessie nodded toward him as if she was encouraging him.

With that simple nod, Devin's glimmer of hesitation disappeared. He turned to Lenny and replied, "Yes, father. I've decided to marry Patricia and let her be a member of the Nalan Clan."

Lenny knitted his eyebrows tightly. "Did you ever think about how it will impact the reputation of the Nalan Clan?"

Devin didn't panic. The truth was, he had indeed considered the reputation of the Nalan Clan. But if he didn't marry Patricia, he would not only blame himself for the rest of his life, but he'd also be criticized by others. People would say that men of the Nalan Clan didn't take responsibility!

If that happened, the credibility of the Nalan Clan would be ruined, let alone the reputation. That was why Devin had decided to marry Patricia. Although it might have a negative impact on his reputation, at least his character and his personality wouldn't be brought into question.

Lenny had once believed in being morally upright, but he'd been on the pursuit of accumulating wealth for such a long time that he had already lost his own heart. Now, money was all he cared about.

enny whether the baby was a boy or a girl; either way, it would be an excuse for him to refuse Patricia to become a member of the Nalan Clan. Jessie shook her head. It was true that getting married to a wealthy man was difficult.

She sighed inwardly and watched as a few servants started to serve dishes in the living room.

It was time for dinner. As there were a few guests home, the servants who worked in the kitchen had cooked extra today.

After a long hesitation, Patricia answered, "Uncle Lenny, the baby is only a few months, so it's too early to see the gender. Besides, whether it's a boy or a girl, it will be the child of the Nalan Clan. I will take care of it anyway."

Jessie gave a thumbs-up to Patricia after she heard what Patricia said. Jessie was satisfied by the way Patricia was acting, as if she was already Devin's wife and a part of the Nalan Clan.

The servants were listening to the whole conversation as they served the dishes. One of them said, "It doesn't matter if the baby is young. Someone in our village did amniocentesis and found out the sex of the baby."

"Shut up," Jessie said sharply.

She knew what Lenny was thinking, but she didn't want to find out the gender of Patricia's baby so soon. It would be bad for their plan.

Hearing Jessie's words, the servant ran away with her mouth shut.

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