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   Chapter 1012 Insist On Marrying Devin

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After hanging up the phone, Devin returned to the meeting room.

Since all the presentations on the cooperative projects were well-prepared, it didn't take much time for the meeting to end. Devin went to the front and said a few words to encourage the employees before officially dismissing the meeting.

Then, he took his things and drove back home.

The truth was, ever since they met at the coffee shop, he regretted agreeing to marry Patricia.

At that time, he'd gotten excited because of Jessie's words and agreed to marry Patricia, acting like a hero.

But afterward, he'd thought about it properly and realized that he was in a trap.

First, something had happened between him and Patricia. Then, Jessie had told him that a man should be responsible for his actions. After that, his sister had told his father that Patricia was pregnant.

Throughout all this, he had stayed passive and controlled.

As always, Devin was conceited and unwilling to admit that he'd been tricked, but that was the truth.

Devin felt depressed. He liked Jessie but didn't know how to express his love to her.

Every time he set eyes on her, he became shy and reserved, contrary to how he usually was. Just looking into Jessie's eyes made his knees go weak.

No one would imagine that Devin could ever feel shy. If anybody found out about it, they would surely laugh at him.

Devin still clearly remembered the way Jessie had put her hand on his shoulder and said, "I want to tell you that I hope that you're a responsible and reliable man. Since Patricia is pregnant, you have to let her give birth to the baby. Let's talk about our relationship in the future, okay?"

Those words were always in Devin's mind, especially the last words, "in the future," which made him daydream about it more than once.

It wa

to earth, as if waking up from a dream. "Uncle, it's nice to see you!" She didn't know how to address Lenny.

She hadn't gotten married to Devin yet and it was too early to call him 'father.'

But if she called Lenny by his name, it would be disrespectful.

After thinking it over, Patricia had finally decided to call Lenny 'uncle, ' which would show that she respected him and that they were close. But obviously, Lenny didn't buy it.

"No need to call me 'uncle.'" Lenny waved his hand and continued, "I'm confused though. There are so many wealthy families. Why do you insist on marrying the son of the Nalan Clan?"

What Lenny said made Devin frown. He knew what his father meant, but he thought it was impolite to ask such a question.

Lenny didn't think so but added, "You can find someone suitable to you with your appearance. Why do you want to marry Devin so much?"

These words were so harsh that Patricia started gritting her teeth hard. It was almost like she trapped all her words inside her mouth.

She replied clearly and slowly, "I like Devin, so I want to marry him!"

As she said that, her eyes met Lenny's determinedly. She appeared courageous.

It really made Lenny speechless.

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