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   Chapter 1010 Just Have An Abortion

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Rosy asked Jessie and Patricia to go to her room. Jessie and Patricia agreed so the three of them went there and continued their conversation.

"Rosy, I just found another lipstick recently. I really like it and I think its color will perfectly complement your complexion," Jessie said with an upbeat tone.

"Really? Do you think that it's better than my lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent? I love the current shade I'm using. It's 406," Rosy responded while she cleaned the dressing table.

"Jessie, your skin is so beautiful! What liquid foundation are you using?" Patricia cut in with her eyes full of admiration.

"Me? I am using Armani.

The liquid foundation of this brand is very good. It perfectly suits my taste."

The three of them talked leisurely as they waited for Devin who was still at work. They asked each other about makeup products and clothes. However, Patricia felt out of place and couldn't relate to their topic.

Patricia had never heard nor seen some brands of luxurious merchandise, let alone be able to afford them. She was overwhelmed with inferiority as their conversation went on.

This strengthened Patricia's determination to marry Devin.

Their conversation went on but before Devin came back from work, Lenny arrived.

Lenny walked towards Rosy's Garden.

He then heard voices in Rosy's room so he approached the door. He knocked casually and asked, "Rosy, did your friends come to visit you? Why don't you introduce them to your father?"

Patricia suddenly got nervous when she heard Lenny's voice because she knew what Lenny thought of her.

If she wanted to marry someone in the Nalan Clan, she must be approved by Lenny. She wouldn't be easily accepted to the family if Lenny rejected her.

Rosy and Jessie looked at each other and then glanced at Patricia who was restless. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Rosy opened the door.

Lenny stood at the entrance but he only saw Jessie with Rosy because Patricia sat quietly in the corner. He entered and said, "Oh Jessie, it's you! Why not go outside and admire the view. The courtyard is very beautiful. You should see…"

Before he finished his sentence, Lenny was stunned when he saw Patricia inside the room. He stood still and didn't utter another word.

The room was

to me sooner?"

"Father, I wanted to tell you as soon as I heard the truth. However, Devin forbade me to inform you of the situation!"

"He certainly doesn't want me to know. I'm sure that he wanted to keep it from me as long as possible. What an ill-mannered brat!" Lenny was furious not because Devin got Patricia pregnant but because Devin didn't handle this matter properly.

If the news spread, it would do incalculable damage to the Nalan Clan's reputation.

"Father, don't be mad. My brother didn't want to keep it from you on purpose. He only asked me not to tell you anything because he wanted to tell you himself."

At the moment, Jessie also came out and cut in to support Rosy.

"Don't be angry. Devin wanted to tell you in person because he already decided on how to deal with it."

Lenny saw Jessie come out and decided to keep silent about his frustrations about Devin. After all, in his opinion, Jessie was an outsider and he needed to protect his son's dignity in front of her.

Lenny calmed down and stated firmly, "Devin made this trouble, and I will see how he prepares to handle it!"

Jessie and Rosy smiled at each other and said in unison, "Devin has decided to marry Patricia!"

"What?!" Lenny pounded the table in a rage. His face reddened with anger and disbelief. "Devin wants to marry that woman?"

Lenny couldn't believe his ears. How dare his son do such a thing without his consent. If Devin really married Patricia, what would happen to the reputation of the Nalan Clan in the future?

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