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   Chapter 1009 A Warning

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Patricia ignored them. Although she was in a rage, she returned to the lobby after washing her hands.

The servants needed to do their jobs in the lobby, so they followed her.

But they didn't stop making snide remarks about her.

"Look at this seductress. The coat she's wearing must have been given to her by Master Devin. She's not feeling ashamed to show off."

"Yes, and look at the way she twists and turns while walking. I don't know who else she wants to seduce."

Just then, Rosy arrived home with Jessie.

Seeing the Lady of the Nalan Clan return, the servants immediately went silent, afraid that they would be fired if the Lady heard what they were talking about. Unfortunately for them, it might have been too late.

Their words had indeed reached the ears of Rosy and Jessie.

Rosy didn't plan to do anything about it. She thought it would lower her level to make a fuss about what the servants had been saying, but Jessie didn't think so.

"Rosy!" Jessie stopped Rosy on her way to Patricia.

"What is it, Jessie?" Rosy stopped walking and turned around.

"Aren't you going to help Patricia?" Jessie gestured to the servants gossiping behind Patricia with her eyes.

Rosy was confused. "They're just servants. There's no need to bother about them."

As the Lady of the Nalan Clan, she was always bossy to the servants, but she didn't want to make a fuss about trivial matters.

Jessie shook her head helplessly and explained, "Rosy, you're wrong. Don't you remember why we wanted Patricia to be a member of your family? If she doesn't have a high position in the Nalan Clan, how can she help us in the future?"

Rosy was suddenly enlightened. Jessie was saying that Rosy should stand up for Patricia in front of the servants so that Patricia's status in the Nalan Clan would be elevated, which would be useful to Rosy in the future.

Rosy wasn't stupid. She immediately understood what Jessie meant. So, she quickly walked up to Patricia.


hat Rosy had asked them to stand up to fire them, but not to forgive them, they felt like they'd been doused with a bucket of ice-cold water.

"Lady Rosy, please show mercy. We will never dare to do it again! Please, Lady Rosy!"

The two servants who had stood up suddenly knelt in front of Rosy and pleaded, holding her ankles.

Rosy immediately shook them off. "Everyone else, continue to work. You can go now."

She ignored the crying servants and turned around. Then, she walked to Patricia with a smile.

"Patricia, if anybody dares to bully you in the future, just tell me. Our family won't be cold to you."

Patricia was clear that Rosy had punished the servants in order to warn the other servants as well as to show Patricia where she stood in the Nalan Clan. Rosy was reminding her not to forget her identity.

"Rosy, I'm really grateful for your help. I don't know how to thank you." Even though Patricia knew Rosy's true intentions, she still thanked her humbly and warmly.

Jessie and Rosy smiled at each other. They could tell that Patricia was not stupid. She could grasp the situation after being instructed just a little.

The three girls appeared to be in harmony. However, Patricia was concealing her displeasure. After all, she needed the other two to help her make her wish come true.

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