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   Chapter 1008 What Can You Do To Us

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Rosy finally gave Devin's phone number to Patricia.

"Well, I don't know what you were doing when we gave you a chance to be alone with my brother. You didn't even get his phone number!"

Hearing Rosy's words made Patricia feel distressed. "Yes, I'm an outsider after all. How can I deserve to have Master Devin's phone number?"

After hanging up the phone call with Rosy, Patricia hesitated for a while before finally plucking up the courage to call Devin.

"Hello, who's there?"

Devin's voice came from the other end. It was the first time Patricia had heard him speak so politely to her.

"Devin... Master Devin," Patricia said, quickly correcting herself. Since Devin had never regarded her as his girlfriend, she immediately prefixed his name with an honorific title. "I'm Patricia. You said you would pick me up from my house and take me to see your father. Do you remember?"

Hearing Patricia's voice immediately upset Devin.

He had been very busy with company work for the past few days. Since Patricia was an insignificant person for him, he had naturally forgotten her.

Now that she'd called him out of the blue, he felt uncomfortable, like he'd been put in a spot.

"Devin, it's not right for you to keep me waiting like this," Patricia continued. Devin's silence made her feel depressed.

"Don't you know where my house is? You can go and see my father on your own. I'm too busy with work at the company to go with you."

Devin's voice was cold. He was acting like Patricia's call was a disturbance to him.

"But…" Patricia stammered.

But before she could finish her sentence, Devin hung up.

Patricia continued holding the phone to her ear for a moment in stunned silence. 'Yes, I can understand that Devin isn't happy with this situation because he doesn't want to marry me. But he doesn't even care about my feelings at all!' she thought.

However, even if she wasn't satisfied with Devin's attitude toward her, she had no choice but to compromise and take it quietly.

Since Devin was a man of status, it was an honor for her to marry him. After all, she came from a humble background, comparing to the family he was born into. On top of that, she was forcing him to marry her by playing a dirty trick.

Deciding to go and see Devin's father on her own like Devin had asked her to, Patricia began getting ready.

oman who is pregnant before marriage? Why did she come here?"

"I don't know. She wanted me to take her presents to Master Devin's father. How dare she overestimate herself? Does she think that Master Devin will marry her just because of that child? She's really a brazen person. She's just after the Nalan Clan's wealth and property."

"Yes, you're right."

When Patricia heard the servants talking about her and criticizing her, she turned very pale. She hadn't expected her reputation among the servants of the Nalan Clan to be this bad.

'If I marry Devin and become a member of the Nalan Clan, I'm afraid that they'll mistreat me, ' she thought to herself.

She suddenly began to doubt her idea of becoming Devin's wife.

'Why did Jessie help me? Why did Rosy help me? If getting married to Devin is such a good thing, why didn't Jessie do it herself?

Everyone knows that Devin loves Jessie, not me!

Even if I succeed in marrying Devin, will I actually live a happy life like I imagined?' she wondered.

A series of questions ran through her mind, shaking her resolution to marry Devin.

After using the toilet, Patricia took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she slowly walked out to wash her hands.

The servants were all still standing there. They weren't the least bit afraid or embarrassed when they saw Patricia come out of the inner room even though they knew that she must have heard them talking about her.

They stared at Patricia with defiant eyes, as if to say, "Even if we speak ill of you to your face, what can you do to us?"

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