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   Chapter 1007 Didn't My Brother Contact You

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"What are you saying? You're being so rude. Have you forgotten that you're talking to your mother?" Holly's face turned red. Despite her anger, she couldn't get up from the floor. She felt severe pain in her buttocks.

Touching her belly, Patricia said, "Let me tell you something. Never offend me again. Don't you think that I know the secret about Ronald?"

Holly went pale in an instant.

She felt so scared and guilty that she didn't dare to say anything.

Holly's expression alone confirmed the truth.

Patricia knew that there was something wrong indeed.

Finally, Holly took a deep breath and said, "I'm not in the mood to talk about anything useless with you. Anyway, if you run into any problems after your marriage, you need to face the consequences by yourself without getting our family involved."

Then, she got up from the floor and rushed out of Patricia's room. Her heart pounded against her chest as she wondered how Patricia knew about her secret. Did she really know about it or was she just talking nonsense and blindly throwing a dart hoping that it would stick?

The more Holly thought about it, the more panicked she became.

But she didn't dare to do anything to Patricia now. Holly was afraid that if her daughter really knew about the matter and told somebody else about it, she wouldn't be able to keep her status in the Zhuo Clan.

With that in mind, she immediately went to the living room.

"Go to the market and buy the best chicken you can find. Make some chicken soup for Lady Patricia. By the way, tell me after you finish cooking. I will take the soup to her in person. Do you understand?" Holly told the servant.

The servant stared back at her in surprise. Since when had Holly been so nice to Patricia?

Everybody in the house knew that Patricia had a low status at home.

"What are you thinking about? Just do what you're told to do," Holly barked with dissatisfaction, glancing at the servant.

"Yes, My Lady, I will." The servant nodded in a hurry.


Holly felt a headache coming on. It was ridiculous that she had to pl

r sad.

For the past three days, Patricia had just waited quietly at home for Devin to pick her up and take her to meet Lenny.

But there was no news from Devin at all.

In the end, Patricia had no choice but to try to contact Devin on her own.

She checked her cell phone and was surprised to see that she didn't even have Devin's phone number.

How pathetic was that?

Devin had agreed to marry her, but he hadn't even given her his number or contacted her in the past three days.

Sighing, Patricia texted Rosy on WeChat.

"Hello, Rosy, are you online? Can you give me your brother's number? I want to call him."

When Rosy received Patricia's message, she was still asleep. She was furious after being awakened by the notification tone on her phone.

It was only eight o'clock in the morning. Who had sent her a message for no reason?

She checked her phone and found that the message was from Patricia, asking her for Devin's number.

Rosy was confused. Hadn't they spent some time alone at the coffee shop?

How could Patricia be so stupid that she hadn't even asked for his number?

And Devin's behavior was outrageous too. He had agreed to marry Patricia but hadn't even given his number to her.

"Oh, didn't my brother contact you?"


"He didn't contact you at all since the last time you met?"

"Mmh," Patricia typed bitterly on the cell phone.

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