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   Chapter 1006 If They Find Out The Truth

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7647

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Ronald shook his head and curled his lips in disdain.

"She's such a cheap girl but she's expecting to marry well.

It's so humiliating!"

"Don't say that. I think your sister might really make her dream come true this time." Holly glanced at Ronald. Although she wasn't satisfied with Ronald, he was still her son, the one she loved the most.

So, she didn't criticize him any further. She couldn't bear to say anything bad to her beloved son.

"Then, do you really believe her? Who knows what kind of method she has used?" Ronald retorted.

"No matter what kind of method she has used, it will be good for us as long as she manages to marry Devin Nalan," Holly replied.

Ronald let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Mother, let me tell you a secret," he said in a low voice, leaning close to Holly.

Holly was taken aback. "What kind of secret?"

"Actually, I've installed a bug in Patricia's room."

"What? Why did you install a bug in your sister's room?!" Holly was speechless. Why was her son doing such silly things?

"I just wanted to have fun! I have a friend who sells things like that and he sent me some for fun. I didn't know where to use it, so I just installed one in Patricia's room."

Holly furrowed her eyebrows slightly. What kind of secret had Ronald heard from eavesdropping in Patricia's room?

"Tell me now. Don't keep your mother in suspense."

Ronald didn't reply, but raised his eyebrows.

"Well, I've used up my pocket money. Could you please give me a little more?" Ronald asked.

"What? You're asking for more pocket money? I just gave you 100, 000 at the beginning of this month. Have you used up all the money already?"

Ronald sighed. "You know that I was modifying my car. A hundred thousand is far from enough. I used it all up in just a few days."

Ronald grabbed Holly's coat and held it out to her.

Holly looked unhappy, but she took out her purse anyway. Then, she took her debit card out of her purse and said to her son, "You can have this. Don't ask for money from me this month."

Ronald put the card into his pocket with a delighted expression.

"You have the money now, so quickly tell me what's going on with your sister."

Holly was really curious and couldn't wait any longer. She wanted to know what kind o

ricia gave Holly a hard push. Holly fell back onto the floor, landing on her buttocks.

Sitting on the floor, Holly snarled up at Patricia. "Patricia, how bold you are! You dare to fight back?"

Patricia bent down and squatted in front of Holly.

Bringing her face close to Holly's, she said, "You've always hoped to marry me to a rich man so that your beloved son can gain better resources, right?"

Hearing her daughter's words, Holly was stunned. She did not know how to respond.

It seemed like Patricia had become a completely different person all of a sudden.

"Is it so important for you to know who the baby's father is? Does it matter as long as your dreams come true?" Patricia asked.

Patricia's words made sense to Holly. It was true that the identity of the baby's father wasn't really important.

"But how can you do this? What will we do if they ever find out the truth?" Holly asked after a short pause.

"How will they find out the truth? Do you think Rosy doesn't know what I'm doing?" A cold smile appeared on Patricia's face.

It looked strange and dreadful, as if they were surrounded by darkness even though it was daytime now.

"Do you mean Rosy is supporting you even though she knows the truth?" Holly was surprised.

"Don't you know that just like the Zhuo Clan, the Nalan Clan also regards boys as more important than girls? Tell me how you've treated me all these years even though you're my mother. Do you treat me well? You've poured all of your love on your son, right?"

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