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   Chapter 1005 You Will Get Some Advantage

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Patricia also felt awkward.

"Er... Devin..."

When Devin heard Patricia calling his name, he felt weird.

"I think it's better if you call me Master Devin. I'm not used to hearing you call my name," he finally stated after hesitating for a while.

Although he had compromised and agreed to marry Patricia, he wouldn't compromise for anything else.

When he truly loved a woman, he would want to consider her feelings and compromise for her, but he didn't love Patricia at all. How could he consider and compromise anything for her?

Devin still had to consider how to live comfortably in the future and try his best to prevent Patricia from disturbing his life.

"Master Devin..." Patricia felt humiliated but she had no other choice.

Didn't she even deserve to call Devin by his name? They were going to get married soon. She couldn't address Devin as "Master Devin" all the time.

But Patricia didn't have any confidence right now, so she obeyed Devin.

However, she hated him for it.

"I have to go back home. Come to my house tomorrow morning. I'll introduce you to my father and tell him about our marriage, but don't ever expect me to be intimate with you again. Anyway, we can have a big wedding. And I'll tell the best doctors to look after you. All you need to do is give birth to the baby."

With that, Devin got up to leave. He had already planned out everything in his head. After Patricia gave birth to the baby, he would secretly divorce her.

He could still raise the baby. The Nalan Clan was wealthy and it would be no problem to provide for one more person.

Most importantly, Jessie might be with him in one year. He could finally live with the woman he thought of every day and night.

In the past, Devin had always thought that Lenny wouldn't approve of his wish to get married to Jessie.

The Luo Clan was inferior to the Nalan Clan.

However, that wouldn't matter if he divorced Patricia and took Jessie as his second wife.

Then, Jessie would deserve him.

have an abortion because he doesn't want to marry you?"

Patricia glared at Ronald and took a deep breath. "We came to an agreement. He'll come and pick me up tomorrow."

When Holly heard that, she felt a ray of hope.

She couldn't believe that Patricia had handled the matter so quickly. It seemed that Patricia really did have the support of the Lady of the Nalan Clan. As expected, Patricia had done the right thing by maintaining a good relationship with Rosy. Now, Rosy was helping her at a crucial time.

"All right. Don't stand for too long. Go back to your room and have some rest. Your baby is important and you need to take care of yourself."

Holly walked with Patricia to her room, which made Patricia feel awkward.

'Since when did my mother treat me so well? Is she being nice to me just because I'm going to marry Devin? She is so snobbish!'

Anyway, Patricia was used to the fact that her mother was always nice to her brother but cold to her. It had been this way since childhood.

The Zhuo Clan always preferred sons to daughters, so it wasn't surprising. Patricia just had to make good use of the opportunity she'd gotten.

After closing the door of Patricia's room, Holly started to lecture her beloved son.

"What did you say? If your sister marries a man from a wealthy family, you will get some advantage."

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