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   Chapter 1004 Decide To Marry Patricia

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Hearing that, Devin felt a wave of emotion overwhelm him.

Would he and Jessie really have a future?

Flooded with excitement, Devin put his hands on Jessie's shoulders. "Jessie, are you saying that you like me too?"

"That will be something in the future... But you have to handle your own business now, right? Patricia is carrying your baby."

"Are you saying that I should marry her?" "I think, as a man, you should know what the right decision is."

Jessie spoke vaguely without confirming anything.

She needed Devin to come to a conclusion by himself. Anyway, this was all that she could do. She didn't want to promise anything to Devin or lie to him that she liked him.

In fact, she didn't think that a man like Devin deserved her.

"I know what you mean. Let me think about it... It's really difficult for me to make a decision."

Jessie saw that there were tears in Devin's eyes and decided that this was the right time to drive home her point.

"One more thing. Did you think about the fact that if you force Patricia to have an abortion, she will never be able to become pregnant again? She loves you very much, but you're cruel enough to want to take motherhood away from her. What if she tells other people about this matter? What if the media finds out about it? Because of you, the shares of the Nalan Clan's companies will have a sharp fall in value. The Nalan Clan will lose more than a billion in an instant. Are you prepared to take responsibility for such consequences?"

Devin wasn't prepared, but he had no choice. Reality was cruel. He had to choose to accept it.

Seeing the conflicted look on Devin's face, Jessie nodded and walked back to the coffee shop.

She took a seat beside Rosy, who immediately turned to her.

"What's going on? Devin followed you outside. What the hell did he say to you?"

"Nothing. Don't worry about it. He will definitely come back," Jess


After hearing that, Jessie casually took a sip of her coffee.

Rosy was surprised to hear Devin's words. What on earth had Jessie said to Devin to change his mind so abruptly? He was actually agreeing to the marriage even though he'd been completely against it just minutes ago.

"Well, Rosy and I won't disturb you two. You and Patricia should have a chat. You two need to be familiar with each other. After all, you're going to get married. Decide the wedding date as soon as possible. It won't look good if you marry Patricia after her baby bump becomes obvious."

Jessie stood up and pulled Rosy with her.

Rosy was sensible and left with Jessie.

But before leaving, she told Devin, "Devin, remember to tell your father about your decision. Ask for his permission. After all, he is the decision-maker in our family."

Just the thought of having to tell Lenny gave Devin a headache.

He knew that Lenny might not approve of this marriage.

After all, it was too dramatic.

Lenny had always hoped that Devin would marry a woman from a family as rich as theirs to support the Nalan Clan.

However, the Zhuo Clan was inferior to them.

After Jessie and Rosy left, Devin took a seat opposite Patricia. In an instant, awkwardness filled the room.

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