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   Chapter 1001 Jessie's Real Motive

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After Holly closed the door behind her, she'd quietly stayed behind and begun eavesdropping. She had never thought that Jessie would walk to the door and find her. After making eye contact with Jessie, Holly felt very awkward. She immediately closed the door and left in a hurry.

"Oh, my God. How did you know that Patricia's mother was eavesdropping outside the room? You're so clever!" Rosy really admired Jessie sometimes.

"Ah, I'm flattered, but I'm just being careful. I had a feeling that she would be curious about what we were talking about, so I went to the door and checked just to make sure. That's how I saw her standing outside our room," Jessie explained, smiling.

Rosy nodded and turned to Patricia, "Patricia, I'm telling you, if you want to marry my brother, you must treat him well and try your best to please him. We both know that my brother is not your unborn baby's real father. I won't protect you if other people find out about this secret. Do you understand?"

Rosy had to give herself a way out. She would help Patricia get married to her brother. But in the end, Patricia was just a pawn for her, so she could abandon her at any time. She would not take any risks for Patricia.

After all, she was already doing Patricia a big favor by helping her marry Devin even after knowing that he was not the baby's real father.

If Lenny found out that Rosy had known about this, he would be furious and never forgive Rosy for it.

"I know, Rosy. Don't worry.

I won't put you on the spot," Patricia replied, biting her lips.

Jessie had once advised Patricia to tell lies and play tricks to get what she wanted. Patricia had thought that Jessie's words sounded reasonable, so she had agreed to Jessie's suggestion. Soon after, Jessie had found a man and made a deal with him.

When Jessie had shown Patricia a photo of him, Patricia had thought that he was handsome.

After meeting that man, she had realized how humorous he was and accepted Jessie's proposal.

Then, Jessie had analyzed Patricia's fertility window and told her to meet that man during that time.

As per Jessie's advice, Patricia had lived with that man for two weeks and had sex with him many times. Finally, she had gotten pregnant. But now, Patricia was regretting her actions.

She had once thought that she would have a chance to be Devin's wife as long as she used some tricks to sleep wi

. After all, they had had sex before.

Although it was an accident, it had really happened. It wasn't just a dream.

They hadn't had any contact since that accident and Devin had just assumed that they would never see each other again.

He didn't understand why his sister had brought Patricia here. It was really embarrassing for him. 'Patricia and I are both adults. Having sex shouldn't be a big deal for us.

Maybe I should let it go and look toward the future, ' Devin thought.

"Devin, let's have lunch together. I have something really important to tell you," Rosy said, smiling.

"Okay, sounds great. It's my treat," Devin smiled back.

They all went to a nearby cafe. Jessie and Rosy sat next to each other and started turning the pages of the menu.

Devin was very embarrassed. He didn't want to sit next to Patricia but there were only two seats left, so he had no choice.

"Patricia, please have a seat," he said reluctantly and then sat next to her.

Patricia noticed Devin's expression and knew that he didn't want to sit with her.

Although she hated to admit it, she knew that Devin loved Jessie.

Whenever his gaze landed on Jessie, it became tender. And he often looked deep into Jessie's eyes, which was a sign of love.

Patricia sighed and thought, 'Devin loves Jessie and always keeps his gaze on her. If they get married, they will be a sweet couple. Jessie is clever. She definitely knows that Devin loves her too, but she pretends like she doesn't. Why? Why did Jessie tell me to marry Devin? What's her real motive? I need to know what she's thinking.'

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