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   Chapter 1000 Negotiate

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Jessie's words seemed to make sense, so Rosy carefully considered the matter.

As she thought about it, Rosy realized that Jessie was being reasonable. If Devin got married to Patricia without even being the baby's father, Rosy would have a higher chance of inheriting the family fortune.

Jessie wasn't anxious or impatient. She knew there was no use in saying anything more to convince Rosy. Rosy just needed time to think about it. As long as Rosy thought it through, she would know what to do.

"I think this is a good idea. In the future, we can make use of Patricia. After all, her baby's father is not my brother."

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean. In the future, we can surely use Patricia. Then she will be your backup, right?" Jessie said with a smile.

Rosy was happy at the thought of being able to use Patricia in the future. She'd always believed that she was a woman with a strong sense of enterprise and hoped that she could inherit most of the Nalan Clan's business in the future. She didn't want all the family fortune to be given to Devin.

"Since you agree, there's something you need to do right now," Jessie stated casually.


"It will be not easy for Patricia to marry your brother. First of all, your father won't agree. He has always wanted your brother to marry a woman from a family as wealthy as yours."

Obviously, Patricia was not the best choice.

"What should I do?"

"You need to do nothing but tell lies. We have to help Patricia marry your brother. Then, we can make sure that everything goes smoothly, right?"

Rosy thought Jessie's words were logical, so she agreed. The two of them began to make a plan. What did they have to do to help Patricia successfully marry Devin?

"My father won't be willing to let Patricia marry my brother. If he forces Patr

ng fine?"

Jessie walked over and patted Patricia's shoulder, hinting that she had taken care of everything.

Patricia understood immediately. It appeared that the Lady of the Nalan Clan was on her side.

"We want to have a chat. Mrs. Zhuo, would you excuse us for a while?"

Holly was stunned that Rosy was asking her to leave the room, but she still put on a flattering smile.

"Of course. Go ahead."

Holly walked out and closed the door behind her.

"Patricia, you are so bold..."

Rosy started, but Jessie immediately stopped her and put a finger on her lips, gesturing for her to be quiet.

Rosy was confused.

Then, Jessie went to the door and opened it abruptly. She saw Holly standing there with her ear close to the door.

Caught off-guard, Holly fell into the room.

She was in such an awkward position that it made Jessie want to laugh.

But Jessie controlled her laughter and merely looked down at Holly.

"Auntie, I didn't know that you liked to eavesdrop."

Holly was embarrassed and shook her head at once.

"No, I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I have just closed the door. Since I'm an old woman, I can't walk fast. I am so sorry. Please don't laugh at me, Lady Rosy."

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