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   Chapter 999 Not Inferior To Her Elder Brother

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"What's wrong with you? Get out, now. What I do is none of your business." Hearing Ronald's sarcasm, Patricia couldn't help retorting in anger.

"Shut up! You're the one who is pregnant. Didn't you have enough sense to take the pill? Master Devin doesn't want to marry you. Are you telling me that you're going to raise the baby alone?"

Holly sprang from the sofa in anger.

Feeling wronged, Patricia had tears in her eyes.

"Mother, why can't I marry the Young Master of the Nalan Clan? Why do you say that? Have you asked them?"

"You saw the attitude of his family last time. They don't want to take you as their daughter-in-law!" Holly still thought that Patricia wouldn't be accepted by the Nalan Clan. Asking them would be in vain. Holly didn't want to embarrass herself.

"Auntie, there's something you haven't considered. Last time, the Nalan Clan didn't accept Patricia because she had just had sex with Devin. But now, things are different," Jessie chipped in.

"How is it different? She's carrying a baby, so what? If the Nalan Clan tells her to have an abortion, she won't be able to do anything."

In Holly's opinion, Patricia had almost no chance of marrying Devin. After all, he was the eldest legitimate son in the family.

"How can you be so dismissive of it before even asking? Relax, Auntie. Lady Rosy also likes Patricia. With her help, getting Patricia married to Devin won't be a problem at all,"

Jessie stated with a smile.

Holly nodded. She was convinced by Jessie's confident words and wanted to give this a try.

"In that case, we can have a try."

"Okay. I have to go now. Anyway, Patricia will surely be the Lady of the Nalan Clan, don't worry," Jessie told Holly. Then, turning to Patricia, she said, "Just stay at home and take care of yourself and the baby."

Holly was glad to hear that Patricia would have Lady Rosy's support to become the Lady of the Nalan Clan.

She made Patricia sit

he reached, she went up to Rosy and said, "Rosy, Patricia is pregnant."

At the moment, Rosy was leisurely drinking coffee in her rocking chair. When she heard the news, she spat out her coffee.


"I said Patricia is pregnant." "Really?

Is my brother the baby's father?"

Jessie glanced at Rosy.


Feeling relieved, Rosy patted herself on the chest to calm herself down. "Ah, it's not my brother's baby. Why are you telling me about this? Whoever her baby's father is, it's none of my business."

Jessie laughed. "Rosy, do you remember what I told you before? If your father divides up the family property, do you think he will give most of it to you or your brother?"

Rosy had already given some thought to this.

"I think he will give most of it to my brother. After all, I'm a daughter,"

she answered bitterly.

She couldn't understand what was wrong with being a daughter. In her opinion, she wasn't any inferior to her elder brother.

"I think you should think about yourself and come up with a plan. If I'm not wrong, your father will give almost all of the Nalan Clan's fortune to your brother because you are a daughter and will marry into another family. Your father is petty and wouldn't be able to bear seeing his fortune given to another family."

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