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   Chapter 997 Being Slandered Again

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As soon as the flask was opened, the strong aroma of chicken soup spread throughout the room. Linda had just eaten some porridge, but the chicken soup smelled so good that it made her feel hungry again.

"Linda, you've suffered too much these past few days. I've made some chicken soup for you. Have a taste now."

Violet filled a bowl with soup for Linda.

Linda felt touched even though Violet was her mother-in-law and it was normal for her to do this.

"Mother, put it aside and have a seat. I'll do it myself," Linda said.

"By the way, how is Little Tomato now?" Violet asked.

After learning that Little Tomato had been kidnapped, Violet had been very worried and kept blaming James for his carelessness.

James had admitted his fault without arguing, so Violet had finally stopped chiding him about it.

They hadn't wanted to bother Charles and Linda during such a critical time, so they'd waited quietly at home for the news.

They were finally relieved after knowing that Little Tomato had been saved.

"There is nothing wrong with Little Tomato now. We just have to keep her in the hospital for a few days. She will be fine as long as her temperature returns to normal in a few days."

After all, Little Tomato was just a little baby, so they needed to keep a close eye on her.

Linda drank the chicken soup quietly. There wasn't much seasoning in the soup but it was fresh and delicious.

After finishing the bowl, Linda wanted more.

Violet filled another bowl for her with a smile. She felt happy that Linda liked having the soup that she had personally made for her.

Afterward, Violet went to see Little Tomato. Another person entered Linda's ward.

"Ah, Linda, you're still alive?"

Linda, who was having a rest with her eyes closed, opened her eyes as soon as she heard that.

"Adrian, you naughty boy. Will you keep getting up to mischief if I don't beat you up?"

Every time Linda saw Adrian, he would say something mean.

Sometimes, the things he said made everybody want to beat him up.

ad kidnapped Little Tomato. All they knew was that Victoria had been murdered and they thought that Linda was the murderer.

There was also a babel of criticism that Linda had stolen Victoria's husband.

According to the news, the Mu Clan had raised Victoria as Charles's future wife.

After reading the news, Linda felt that it was laughable. Didn't reporters use their brains before writing articles? Or were they getting paid to release such slanderous articles?

"Check if there's somebody behind the popular Weibo users who are spreading the news," Linda ordered.

She knew for sure that there was someone orchestrating this whole mess. Otherwise, how could so many people post the news and spread it online as soon as Victoria died?

Was the Internet that developed?

"Yes, My Lady. In fact, we've already begun investigating and found a clue. But this isn't the first time that you're being slandered online, so it will be harmful to your reputation. Now, most of the netizens are criticizing you and saying that you have too much power. They say that everything you have has been handed to you by Young Master."

The netizens could say whatever they liked; Linda didn't care and she wasn't going to go online and check their comments just to make herself unhappy.

But she still wanted to find out the truth and who was behind this whole thing.

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