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   Chapter 996 Linda Fainted

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Although Little Tomato was awake, she didn't cry, whine, or say anything all the way to the hospital. She simply lay in Linda's arms, looking very ill and tired. Linda was scared out of her wits. She felt that it was strange that Little Tomato was being so silent.

Since Little Tomato hadn't eaten anything for quite a long time, Linda knew that she must have been starving. So why wasn't Little Tomato telling her that she was hungry?

Linda felt Little Tomato's forehead and found that her forehead was burning hot.

"Baby, are you hungry?" Linda asked Little Tomato in a very low voice, gently cradling her in her arms.

Little Tomato still remained silent, perhaps because she didn't understand what her mother meant, or possibly because she had been drained of energy. Linda was so worried that she felt Little Tomato's forehead again. She knew that Little Tomato must have a very high fever, otherwise her forehead wouldn't feel so hot.

The driver drove as fast as he could to bring Little Tomato and Linda to the hospital.

When they arrived, Anna was waiting for them at the gate of the hospital.

Seeing Linda get out of the car, she immediately walked over to her and asked, "My Lady, how is Little Tomato?"

"It seems that she has a fever. Hurry up and give her a diagnosis!"

Linda replied immediately.

"Okay, I'll give Little Tomato a checkup first. You go and take some rest. After the diagnosis, I will tell you about her situation!"

As soon as Anna finished her words, she took Little Tomato into her arms. Little Tomato gently looped her arms around Anna's neck, still keeping silent. Just looking at Little Tomato in this condition made Anna's heart tighten in worry.

Linda was too worried about Little Tomato to leave her, so she followed Anna inside. First, Anna took Little Tomato's body temperature, which turned out to be a high temperature of 39.7 degrees Celsius.

This high temperature scared Linda and made her terribly worried about her baby. Such a high body temperature was a big problem even for adults. How could a little baby like Little Tomato bear it? Little Tomato was already in a delicate state of health. If this fever lasted for a long time, she would suffer from burnout and her future physical growth would be impacted.

"Let's lower her body temperature in a natural way. Little Tomato is still a baby, so giving her an injection to bring down her fever is not a good choice. Most of the drugs will also be unsuitable for her,"

Anna explained to Linda with her eyebrows tightly knitted.

Linda nodded in agreement and opened her

ather dizzy before eating anything. Now, I feel so energetic that I could fight someone!"

Linda said with a bright smile.

"My Lady, you felt dizzy because you had hypoglycemia after not eating anything the whole day. Now that you've eaten some porridge, your blood glucose level has become normal again, so you won't feel sick anymore."

Anna performed a physical examination for Linda again and found that she was in good health. It was just that Linda had been through a lot yesterday.

She'd fainted mostly because of the mental strain. After all, Little Tomato had been on the verge of death. Linda had been so worried about her daughter that she hadn't been able to handle it.

After finishing the porridge, Linda went to visit Little Tomato with Charles. Since her fever was gone, Little Tomato looked healthier; her face wasn't burning red. Seeing this, Linda heaved a sigh of relief.

She couldn't help but feel that the whole situation was ridiculous. Her daughter was still in the hospital for being ill, but Linda herself had been unexpectedly hospitalized.

Linda thought that to look after Little Tomato, she had to take better care of herself at first.

Having seen in person that her Little Tomato had recovered, Linda wanted to go back to her own ward to have a good rest. As soon as she arrived at the door, she saw Violet walking over to her in high heels.

"Linda, how are you?"

Violet yelled, looking up and down at Linda as she rushed toward her.

"Mother, I'm fine."

"Well, you have to take good care of yourself. I was really worried about you!"

Violet walked into the ward with Linda, put the vacuum flask with the chicken soup on the table, and opened it to feed Linda a bowl of soup.

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