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   Chapter 995 Little Tomato Was Safe

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Davina, the cleaning lady, had been working at the airport for more than ten years.

She needed a lot of money to support her son's college education. Her son was a good student with good academic performance, but it was very difficult for her to make enough money to support her son.

The salary she'd been getting as a cleaning lady was too low. That was why she'd accepted the fifty thousand dollars and offered help to Victoria.

"Where is my baby?" Linda asked worriedly.

"I really did not know there was a baby in that suitcase. A lady gave me that suitcase and asked me to throw it away."

Linda was furious when she heard the cleaning lady's words. How cruel Victoria was!

What was wrong with her? What happened among adults had nothing to do with an innocent baby! Why had Victoria wanted to harm Little Tomato?

"Where did you throw the suitcase?"

"I threw it in the recycling center behind the airport,"

Davina replied, sincerely regretting what she had done.

She'd only done it because the lady had asked her to throw away the suitcase immediately and had forbidden her from opening it.

Since the lady had offered her 50, 000 dollars, Davina hadn't thought too much before doing as the lady asked her to. She didn't care even if there were drugs in the suitcase. Davina was ignorant of the law, so she'd merely followed what Victoria asked her to do without considering anything else.

After Linda heard Davina's words, she hurried to the recycling center.

She didn't even dare to think about the condition Little Tomato would be in after being shut up for so long in an airtight suitcase.

Her baby must be feeling suffocated.

Victoria was really mad and cruel! She'd tried to kill Little Tomato even though she was just an innocent baby! Victoria was such a vicious person. Did it make sense for her to do all this just because she'd lost her own baby and couldn't be together with Charles?

And even though Victoria had lost her baby, it was her own fault and had nothing to do with Charles, Linda, or Anna at all! She'd put her own baby in danger the moment she'd drunk the poison.

Moreover, she had been careless enough to fall down while she was pregna

e Tomato out of the suitcase and hugged her.

Davina was stunned. She couldn't believe that there had been a living person inside the suitcase. It was such a cute baby! If she had known that there was a baby inside the suitcase, she would never have agreed to throw the suitcase away no matter what the lady had offered her!

This was a life that that lady had asked her to throw away, not just some illegal substance.

"I am really sorry. I didn't know that there was a baby inside the suitcase. She didn't cry or made any noise, so..." Davina explained again, feeling upset.

Linda took a few deep breaths, and then took Little Tomato to the hospital at once. On her way, Linda called Anna and asked her to get everything ready.

"Anna, we've found Little Tomato. Make preparations to give her a physical examination. We will be there in 20 minutes."

"All right, My Lady. I will be waiting for you at the gate of the hospital!" Anna could tell from Linda's voice how urgent the matter was, so she asked all the doctors and nurses to get ready at once.

Although Little Tomato looked fine on their way to the hospital, Linda was still not relieved. According to what Davina had said, Linda knew that Victoria must have done something to Little Tomato. Victoria might have fed Little Tomato some drug or injected something.

Linda wouldn't be able to rest assured until she was absolutely sure that her daughter was all right. Right now, she was really worried.

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