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   Chapter 994 I Must Have Lost My Mind

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6455

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"It might not be true. At that time, I checked everywhere on the plane but didn't find Little Tomato. And I asked the airline stewardesses. They said that they saw Victoria carrying only one bag when she got onto the plane and that everything else was consigned for shipment. Little Tomato couldn't have been put inside the bag that she was carrying."

Linda thought back carefully. She had confirmed all these details with the air stewardesses because she'd wondered if Victoria had hidden Little Tomato on the plane.

And Linda had chosen to believe the stewardesses. Victoria had been sitting in the first-class cabin, which only had a few passengers in it.

It was not surprising that the stewardesses remembered Victoria clearly.

"My Lady, Young Master, we've received Victoria's bank information. We've found that she transferred 50, 000 dollars to someone before boarding the plane."

"Can you see who she transferred the money to?"

"Yes, we can, but we need a bit more time. Generally, the bank transferring system would show the list and data the next day. We can't wait that long," Paul said anxiously.

This was the first time that he felt powerless. If they had to wait 24 hours to find out where Little Tomato was, she would probably starve to death. After all, she was just a baby under the age of one and wouldn't be able to look after herself. Now, she had been missing for more than three hours.

Linda agreed that they couldn't wait any longer.

So, this information was useless. If they waited 24 hours to find Little Tomato, there would be no guarantee that Little Tomato would be alive. She was a weak baby.

"What should we do? What can we do?" Linda mumbled to herself anxiously.

Since Linda had a lot at stake, her usual wisdom vanished. She just kept thinking about what they should do.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her.

"Paul, show me the surveillance video taken outside the V

ell you to take a kid out of the VIP waiting hall?"

"No. I couldn't have done such a thing. Miss, don't wrong me!"

Linda pounded the table with her fists all of a sudden.

"You're lying. Don't you want your family to be alive? Do you think 50, 000 can make your family live a better life? Didn't your son get admitted in a college this year? Do you know that I can easily get him kicked out?"

In the 15 minutes that she had been waiting for Sam to arrive with the cleaner, Linda had asked Paul to run a background check on the cleaner and read the information carefully.

She had found out that the cleaner had a son who had studied hard and recently gotten admitted into a college. But the cleaner's family was poor and her husband was not in good health, so she was under the pressure of her son's schooling.

It was common for people to do something evil because they had no choice. But although Linda felt sorry for such people, she couldn't forgive their actions. How could they harm others because of their misfortune? It was wrong.

And it was unforgivable.

Hearing Linda's words, the cleaner realized that Linda knew too much about her family. She knelt down abruptly, her legs trembling in fear.

"Miss, sorry. I am really sorry. I must have lost my mind!"

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