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   Chapter 993 Where On Earth Is Little Tomato

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Linda just sneered at Victoria in response.

"Ma'am, this plane is going to take off in two minutes. You have to get off now if you still haven't found the person you're looking for," a stewardess kindly reminded Linda.

Linda nodded. Although she was worried about Little Tomato's safety, she didn't think it was appropriate for her to disrupt the schedule of all the other passengers because of her private business.

Besides, she didn't want to continue wasting time talking nonsense with Victoria. Since she hadn't been able to find Little Tomato on this plane, she guessed that Victoria must have hidden her child in some other place. But Victoria still hadn't told her where Little Tomato was, so she wouldn't let Victoria leave so easily.

She wouldn't let Victoria's scheme go smoothly the way she wanted it to either!

Linda winked at Sam, motioning for him to do something. Sam immediately understood what Linda was thinking. After confirming that no one else was looking at them, he subtly took out his gun and pointed it at Victoria. "Come. Get off the plane with us. Don't waste our time!"

"Why should I get off the plane? I'm a law-abiding citizen and I have an air ticket. Are you saying I can only go abroad with your permission?"

"You bitch! Don't try annoying me!" Sam retorted in a threatening voice, his eyebrows furrowed tightly. He tucked his gun into his pocket, gently grabbed Victoria's shoulder with his left hand, and cuffed both of her hands behind her back with his right hand. After that, he dragged her away from her seat and out of the plane.

Although Victoria was yelling and crying very loudly, none of the passengers or the flight attendants came forward to help her because they had all been informed about what Victoria had done. Since Victoria was suspected to have kidnapped Linda's child, she wouldn't be let off so easily.

"Let go of me. The plane is about to take off. Where are you taking me? Linda Xia, what the hell are you doing? You've really gone too far this time!"

"I've gone too far? What about you? I've never done anything to offend you, but you took my daughter away and hid her. Then, you even planned to escape! Do you think that you can flee that easily? If you don't tell me where my Little Tomato is, you won't be able to set a foot out of this country. Where is my daughter?"

"What would I get out of kidnapping your daughter? I didn't do it."

Victoria didn't acknowledge that she had kidnapped Linda's daughter.

Anxious about her daughter's safety, Linda felt a little helpless facing this nonchalant side of Victoria. Although Victoria was being forced to get off the plane, she still refused to admit her crime. It was impossible for Linda to get her to tell the truth in this situation. Linda and Sam brought Victoria to Charles and Paul.

Since Victoria refused to open her mouth, Charles asked Paul to retrieve all the surveillance footage of the whole airport. Together, they carefully watched all the videos to see if they could find a clue about where Little Tomato was.

Members from WSS were also analyzing all the surveillance videos to iden

"Get out of here!" he said gruffly.

Hearing these words, Victoria fell silent. She felt as if Charles had poured a pot of piercing cold water on her.

The moment she stepped out of the waiting hall, the door shut behind her with a deafening bang. Victoria felt nothing but a gust of heavy wind blowing past her ears. She realized that everything between her and Charles was over now.

However, she didn't regret loving him for even a second.

Ever since James had brought Victoria to the Mu Clan's villa, she had been deeply fascinated by the cool boy and fallen in love with him at first sight.

James had told her that he and his wife would be her parents from that time on, so Victoria had always treated them as if they were her biological parents.

But as time went by, she became more and more aware that she had a crush on Charles.

As she grew up, her affection for him also grew. In a few years, Victoria fell deeply in love with him. Because of her love for Charles, she had caused a lot of trouble and done many unforgivable deeds. Now, she had even kidnapped Charles's daughter. Victoria knew that everything between her and Charles was over for good.

When she was pushed into the police car, she burst into tears. It was only then that she felt regretful about what she had done. She wished that James wouldn't have taken her home and adopted her as his foster daughter. She would have led her poverty-stricken life as an orphan, but at least the situation wouldn't have turned out like this.

After Victoria was taken away by the police, Linda, Charles, and Paul were the only ones left inside the big waiting hall, where there was complete silence. A little while later, Paul broke the silence and asked, "My Lady, Young Master, what should we do now? Our men have searched every corner of this airport, but we still haven't found Little Tomato. Is it possible that Little Tomato was on the plane that we got off from?"

Perhaps Victoria's intention had been to distract and mislead them all along. Maybe she had sent Little Tomato to a foreign country alone.

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