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   Chapter 992 Hurry And Get Down

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Victoria had a plan, but Linda was not stupid.

While James had been on the phone call with Victoria, the members of the WSS Organization had traced the GPS location of Victoria's cell phone and reported it to Linda via text message.

"My Lady, we've found that Victoria is in PD Airport right now."

In the meantime, Charles had asked Paul to come back.

"My Lady, Young Master, I've contacted some people in PD Airport. They are searching for Victoria's flight," Paul said.

Linda nodded and hurried to PD Airport with Charles.

If Victoria managed to leave the country, it would be difficult to find her.

Linda still didn't know what Victoria was planning to do.

On the way to the airport, Linda analyzed the situation coldly.

"I think Victoria wants to take Little Tomato abroad and irritate us." At the moment, she was not in the mood to joke. She just wanted to find Little Tomato and get her back as soon as possible.

Little Tomato was a naive and cute baby. How would Victoria take care of her?

Linda knew that Victoria would never treat Little Tomato well because she had seen Victoria's true colors long ago.

"Yes! My Lady, please don't worry. We've already found Victoria's flight. There are still forty minutes to take off, so please be at ease. As long as we find her before the plane takes off, we can stop her," Paul said, comforting Linda.

Linda knew how capable Paul was, so she tried her best to calm down and consider everything carefully.

There was one thing Linda knew for sure: Victoria had to be put in jail. Linda didn't plan on letting her go, because she had gone too far this time. In the past, she'd always put up with Victoria because she was James's sworn daughter. But Linda felt like she would explode if she tolerated Victoria any longer.

Moreover, Victoria had crossed Linda's limit.

Little Tomato and Little Potato were Linda's last baseline. For the sake of her kids, she wouldn't mind letting Victoria know how she truly

Victoria wasn't panicking at all, which was quite different from how she usually acted.

Linda knew that there was something wrong at first glance.

"Your daughter is missing, but you've come to me. What are you thinking?"

"Damn you. Stop talking nonsense!" Linda cursed.

She couldn't stand it anymore. She stepped closer to Victoria and started to look for her baby, but Little Tomato was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, Linda's face darkened.

'Did she consign Little Tomato for shipment?'

Cargo was transported in containers. If Victoria put Little Tomato inside a cargo hold and flew abroad, would Little Tomato be alive when she reached her destination?

But Linda immediately gave up this thought. If Victoria had consigned Little Tomato, she wouldn't have been able to pass the security check. How could a human being be put with the cargo?

If Victoria wanted Little Tomato to die, she could have easily killed her with a knife. Why would she bother to torture the kid?

Little Tomato was just a baby.

Linda nervously checked everything around Victoria including the luggage but she still couldn't see Little Tomato. On the other hand, Victoria looked completely indifferent. "Are you anxious, Linda Xia?

Hurry and get down if you need to find the kid so urgently. Don't delay the flight."

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