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   Chapter 991 I’ll Never See You Again

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7876

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Linda had never been this mad at the servants before.

She had always believed that all men were created equal and had always been polite to everyone. But now, she couldn't help losing her temper at the security guards. If they had been sleeping on duty at midnight, she could have forgiven them. However, she really couldn't understand why both the guards had been sleeping at noon.

"I'm sorry, Lady Linda. I'll definitely fire both of them!" the director said with a panicked look on his face.

The Mu Clan's old residence was very large and there were more than twenty security guards patrolling every corner in shifts. In order to supervise the guards, Charles had appointed a director to lead them.

'Is this a problem that can be solved just by firing two guards?' Linda thought to herself. She found his answer ridiculous.

"In my opinion, you don't need to be their director anymore!"

Charles said with a cold look on his face.

He had sworn that he would protect his wife and his children so that they would never be put in danger. He had assured her that Little Tomato and Little Potato would never be kidnapped again.

But somehow, Little Tomato had been kidnapped for the second time.

This time, Little Potato had been left behind, so he was safe.

After all, Victoria couldn't have taken away both children on her own.

The thing was, Linda didn't understand why Victoria had taken Little Tomato away in the first place. 'Little Tomato is just a child! What is Victoria going to do? Will she kill Little Tomato?

Does she think she can vent her anger by killing a child? Or does she think she can change Charles's attitude toward her by putting his child in danger?

She has such strange thoughts in her head! She has really gone too far this time!' Linda thought to herself.

She was trying to keep calm so that she could analyze all the clues and figure out Victoria's motive, but she found it almost impossible. After all, for all she knew, Little Tomato might be in grave danger.

"You don't need to fire your men. You're the one who should get out of here!" Linda said coldly.

'If a leader always holds his men accountable when encountering problems, he is the one who is incompetent and needs to be stripped off his position. The director never admitted that it was because of his dereliction of duty that Li

e slipped into a deep sleep.

"What do you want to do to Little Tomato? Victoria, it's not too late for you to repent. Our family has never hurt you before. You can't be so cruel to us!" James was depressed. He had never expected his foster daughter to be such an ungrateful person.

"You're asking me another ridiculous question. Ha-ha! I don't want to answer you! James, listen to me carefully. Don't think I still care about your son as much as I used to! Didn't you say that you were going to disown me? Well, I promise you I'll never see you again!" Victoria said in an arrogant tone.

She was actually a shrewd person. She had already commissioned an agency to sell the villa that James had just given her.

Victoria had gotten 23 million dollars through the sale. Besides, she had 4 million dollars that she'd saved up over the years as well as the 8 million dollars that James had given her for her expenses. With all this money, she was planning to go abroad.

That way, she could live a stable and comfortable life almost all her life. However, she didn't want to leave alone. She was jealous that Linda could live happily with Charles and her two children, so she wanted to make her suffer by taking Little Tomato away with her. Of course, she would make the little girl her slave at home.

As for where she would send Little Tomato when she grew up, Victoria came up with several schemes... For example, the F Country.

The men there were allowed to have several wives at the same time. It was quite normal for a man to have a dozen wives there.

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