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   Chapter 990 Are The Security Guards Always Working Like That

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Little Tomato started to laugh as soon as James hugged her. It was heartwarming and funny at the same time because the child was acting like she didn't fall at all.

Curiosity flooded Little Tomato's face when her eyes landed on Victoria, who was just standing nearby.

She didn't know the woman so she looked at her a little longer. However, her curious gaze and smartness irritated Victoria greatly.

The more Little Tomato grew up, the more her cute face looked like Linda.

"Why are you still staying here? I have given you enough money and a house to live in. You can do whatever you want. Why don't you start a business or just hanging out? I have nothing more to say with whatever decision you make," James said to Victoria.

Although his words came out unkind, he was also feeling bad about what he said. There was no need for this woman to know about it though.

He was the one who had raised Victoria after all. He had regarded her as his child for a long time; loving, caring for her like what a normal father would do. But it was different now.

Victoria clenched both of her hands tightly upon hearing those words. Her nails wounded her palms. It hurt but then she didn't voice out a thing. Rather, she stared at James coldly.

Truth be told, she just left James' room and was still staying in the house.

The reason behind why she wasn't the Lady of the Mu Clan was still a secret to everyone. Thus, she thought that she could still hang out freely in that place and no one should be able to stop her.

Victoria went to the room where she had been lived in. Everything inside it was unchanged and the room was still very clean. James seemed to have asked the servants to keep it tidy every day.

It was then that she thought of a crazy idea.

"Linda Xia!

Since you aren't letting me live a better life, I will do the same thing to you!"

Meanwhile, Linda visited Bun early in the morning that same day.

She hadn't seen Bun for a long time and she really missed her.

Bun was now seven months on her way and her belly was growing bigger and bigger. There were only two months more before her due date.

Linda had to admit, life without Bun was outright boring.

It was after Linda went out that Victoria arrived at the old house of the Mu Clan.

Therefore, she didn't know that Victo

come home from his office.

Linda bumped into Charles while walking in.

"Let's go to check the security tape first,"

she suggested as she tried to stay cool. It was not the first time for Little Tomato to be kidnapped. Thus, all this commotion wasn't new. What she could do now was to find out where their daughter was.

After the two entered the room, they asked the security men to send them all the security tapes.

In the end, they were able to confirm that it was indeed Victoria who took Little Tomato. At that time, Little Tomato was still sleeping and seemed not to know who was taking her. She did not cry or make any noise at all!

How could Victoria take Little Tomato out of the house so easily? Victoria didn't even encounter any issues going out of the gate!

Fear began to creep Linda. What was their security men doing at that time? If there was only one security guard, then it could have been reasonable that he missed this since he couldn't watch every direction at the same time. However, it was more than clear in the video that Victoria just did the act very easily. There might have been something wrong with their guards!

In a rush, Linda switched the videos and tuned to the one that was for the gate. She saw how Victoria took Little Tomato out. More so, she also noticed the two security guards drowsily taking a nap with their heads down.

Linda thumped the table heavily. The head of the security department who was standing beside was frightened.

"Are the security guards always working like that?"

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