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   Chapter 989 You Are Too Stubborn

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Victoria was still feeling too weak and unwell to do anything to make James change his mind.

At first, she had thought that James had just told her that he was severing their father-daughter relationship out of anger, and that there was no way that he would actually abandon her or leave her alone.

She'd never expected that James had actually meant what he'd said. She had been living in this villa for over a week and he hadn't made a single phone call to her.

Unable to take it, Victoria tried contacting the Mu Clan's old house by phone again. Last time, a servant had picked up and asked her not to call again. This time, the result was even more disappointing. Her phone call was not even answered.

It seemed that James had been serious about ending their father-daughter relationship.

Victoria had been a part of the Mu Clan for decades, but now, she had been abandoned because of Linda.

She found it extremely hard to accept this fact and felt very helpless. Moreover, she was filled with anger and hostility toward Linda.

In Victoria's eyes, Linda was to blame for the miserable state that she was in. "Linda Xia, I'm going to make you pay for this! Just wait and see!" she muttered to herself.

Since Linda had given birth to a boy and a girl, her life was almost perfect. On the other hand, Victoria had just lost her baby. It was so depressing and unfair that Victoria decided to hurt Linda's children. She just wanted Linda to feel the way she was feeling after losing her baby.

Since James was reluctant to see her, Victoria thought that she could go to SH City by herself once she recovered. Deep in her heart, she believed that James would surely see her as long as she turned up at the Mu Clan's old house.

Knowing that she had no choice but to go back in person and beg James for his forgiveness, Victoria decided to take a good rest for quicker recovery. While recovering, she came up with a lot of great ideas to convince James to see her.

After a few days of rest, she felt a little stronger and healthier.

Then, she decided to start her journey to SH City to see James. Although James had hired two servants to watch and look after her, she was certain that the two of them wouldn't be able to stop her from going out.

It would take her four hours to arrive at SH City by bus.

After sitting on the bus for a while, Victoria was in extreme pain. Her buttocks, waist, and back were sore from sitting in one place.

A four-hour bus journey was actually neither long nor short, but since Victoria had just recovered a little from the miscarriage, it really made her suffer a lot.

When she finally arrived in SH City, she directly rushed to the Mu Clan's old house. But as soon as she got to the door of the Mu Clan's old house, she was stopped by a security guard.

"Lady Victoria, why have you come back?" he asked curiously, shocked to see Victoria there.

"Why can't I come back? Go and report to my father that

"Father, please, please don't drive me away. I promise that I've realized my faults. I won't be hostile to Linda from now on. Please forgive me. I know that you adore her. I also know that Linda is the person that my brother loves most in this world. But like Linda, I also have great affection for my brother. You can't part me from him so ruthlessly..."

"Everyone has the freedom to love whoever they want, but they can't force anyone to love them back. Since your brother doesn't love you, I can't force him to do anything. Victoria, you're too stubborn!"

"I'm not stubborn at all! Haven't you always told me that I can pursue my love on my own? I'm just doing as you told me to!"

Hearing these words, James suddenly realized that it would be impossible for him to talk sense into Victoria. Hence, he remained silent without replying to Victoria.

Just then, Little Tomato and Little Potato were walking toward the study, holding a servant's hands. Little Tomato was so excited to see her grandfather that she immediately wriggled out of the servant's grip and ran toward James.

James's stern face was instantly filled with joy.

"Little Tomato, run slowly! Slow down!"

James said worriedly.

Sure enough, after taking a few steps, Little Tomato fell over. Of course, this was very common for toddlers who were still learning how to walk.

Little Tomato's legs and feet hadn't grown completely, so she couldn't walk steadily unless she was holding an adult's hand. As long as she kept trying, she would gradually learn to walk steadily on her own.

Nevertheless, seeing Little Tomato fall down and burst into tears made James feel upset. He hurriedly ran over to her, held her in his arms, and tried coaxing her in a gentle voice.

Victoria, who felt that everyone was being indifferent to her, was infuriated all of a sudden. As she glared at Little Tomato, a wicked expression colored her face.

It seemed that James had given all his love to these two kids.

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