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   Chapter 988 She Didn't Want An Illegitimate Child

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Victoria's words were full of sarcasm.

But Linda would never get mad because of something Victoria said.

Victoria was too naive to know how to irritate Linda.

"Yes, I'm very happy. I am complacent!" Linda replied.

Linda's words made Victoria tremble in anger.

"Linda Xia, you are a bitch!"

Victoria cursed Linda repeatedly like this, and Linda wasn't in the mood to reply.

No matter how much Victoria cursed her, it was impossible for Victoria to be Charles's lover.

"Are you satisfied?" Linda laughed.

"Linda Xia, I swear you'll have a disabled son and will be unhappy all your life!"

Victoria continued to curse Linda.

Linda turned to leave the room. She didn't care how mean Victoria was. Anyway, James had already made the decision to send Victoria away.

On top of that, he was going to sever his relationship with her. Linda didn't need to worry. Victoria had never been a true part of the family to begin with.

After Linda left, Victoria was all alone in the ward. Now, she didn't need eye drops. She was so scared and lonely that she burst into tears. Just now, she'd cursed Linda because of how ashamed she'd felt.

But now, thinking about the fact that James didn't want her to be his sworn daughter anymore and was going to sever the relationship with her, she was overwhelmed with sorrow.

What should she do? If she wasn't James's sworn daughter anymore, she would lose her last connection with Charles.

But it was useless. She couldn't get up from the bed now. What could she do?

"Lady Victoria, stop crying. If you keep crying, you will never recover," a nurse told her.

Since Victoria had just had a miscarriage, she had to keep her emotions in check. Otherwise, she would fall sick in the future.

However, no matter how the two nurses comforted her, she couldn't stop crying.

The next day, James sent someone to give he

r her."

Charles took a chair and sat beside Linda as he spoke.

"My son knows me best," James said.

Seeing that Linda and Charles still loved each other as much as they had when they were newly married, James was in a great mood.

Back then, he had once regretted forcing Charles to marry the Lady of the Xia Clan and wondered if it was unfair to his son.

But looking at them be so loving with each other even now, he knew that he had made the right choice. Even God had let Linda and Charles stay together. They were a perfect match.

A week later, Victoria had almost recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Then, she was sent to the neighboring city.

The entire way, Victoria was unhappy, but none of the servants cared about her. After bringing her to her destination, all the servants went back.

Victoria wanted to go back with them, but she didn't dare to. At least for now, she had to live in the villa. She hadn't fully recovered yet. A woman who had had a miscarriage couldn't return to good health in just one week. Besides, Victoria had always had poor health, so she needed one month at least to recover.

Despite that, Victoria was glad that she'd had a miscarriage. She didn't want to raise an illegitimate child.

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