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   Chapter 987 Are You Very Happy

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"She performed a surgery for over nine hours, so I guess that she's completely drained. Take her back home so that she can have a good rest. She hasn't slept for one whole day," Linda replied frankly.

Becker stared at Anna with a mixture of affection and pity. She looked exhausted with dark circles under her eyes. She had even fallen asleep inside the operation room.

"It took her that long to finish the surgery? What the hell was the surgery? How could it take nine hours?"

Linda just kept silent.

Becker approached Anna and scooped her up into his arms. Anna's eyes immediately shot open.

The moment that she realized that Becker was the one who had lifted her, she relaxed.

"You're here. I feel very tired today, so I can't go out to eat with you."

"We're not going out to eat. I'm going to drive you home so that you can have a good sleep!"

With that, Becker carried Anna away. Linda went back to Anna's office in a hurry to take Anna's bag and clothes. The clothes that Anna was wearing now had bloodstains all over them. Linda thought that Anna should get changed before getting into the car.

Anna had been completely drained of energy.

After spending nine hours in performing the surgery, she was so exhausted that she looked like a patient herself.

While Linda was helping Anna change into a new set of clothes, Becker went downstairs to take a look at Victoria. Right now, Victoria was still unconscious. She had been administered anesthesia during the surgery, so it would take her a while to wake up.

Although James and Violet were worried about Victoria, they could only look at her through the viewing window outside the ICU.

Anyway, they could see the monitor beside Victoria's bed from here and felt relieved to see that she was breathing normally.

"Father, Mother, I'll take you home. Victoria won't regain consciousness soon. We can come here to visit her tomorrow," Linda said.

James and Violet nodded in agreement. Then, they followed Linda to the car.

Now, it was six o'clock at dawn and the wind was piercing cold.

Linda wanted to take her in-laws home first so that they could get some rest. Thinking about Victoria, who was still lying unconscious on a hospital bed, everyone inside the car fell silent. After a while, James spoke, "Linda, we're really sorry to trouble you so much and make you rush here and there with us. Victoria has been nothing but hostile to you, so we really appreciate that you've kept us company for Victoria's matters over and over again."

With a gentle smile, Linda shook her head and responded, "That's okay. It is my duty to keep you company."

Linda hadn't gone to the hospital with James and Violet because of Victoria. She had gone because she would have been worried about them if they'd rushed to the hospital alone to see Victoria. If not for her in-laws, there was no way Lind

elpless that she wanted to climb out of her bed, but she couldn't get up since she had just received a miscarriage surgery. She'd already exerted herself a lot by screaming and crying loudly.

If she got too physically exhausted after the miscarriage, she might suffer from metrorrhagia again.

For the sake of Victoria's health, James thought that it would be better for him to leave first. "Stay here for a while and don't leave until you recover a little. After your discharge, don't come back home anymore. I'll assign personnel to prepare a villa and a certain amount of money for you, so that you can lead a worry-free life for the rest of your days!"

James nodded goodbye to Victoria before turning around and leaving in a hurry. He couldn't stand in the ward for a moment longer because he was scared that he would become soft-hearted and regret saying all those words to Victoria. But considering everything that Victoria had done recently, it wasn't good for him to continue spoiling her and letting her do everything as she wished. It wasn't until today that James had realized that he had to teach Victoria a lesson. Victoria had caused so much trouble for him and annoyed him so much that he couldn't stand her any longer. Unless he did something now to make Victoria realize her mistakes and faults, his family would be ruined.

Seeing James leave, Violet followed him in a hurry.

On the other hand, Linda still stood at the same place. Staring at Victoria and thinking of what James had just said, she could barely hold back her laughter. 'How silly you are! You keep looking for trouble. Are you happy with your situation now?'

Realizing that Linda was still in the ward, Victoria gazed at her in confusion, feeling embarrassed that Linda had witnessed all the tricks she had just played.

At last, she asked, "Linda Xia, you're very happy now, right? This is just what you always wished for, isn't it?"

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