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   Chapter 985 A Stomachache

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In a trance, Victoria heard the noises and couldn't help frowning.

Which of the servants was bold enough to make so much noise while she was sleeping?

Not realizing that Victoria had woken up, the two nurses continued talking.

"In my opinion, Lady Victoria has bad luck. She is His Lordship's sworn daughter too. Anna is lucky but Lady Victoria is in such a bad condition now. It seems that the people who like Young Master won't live a good life."

"Ha, are you talking about Amy? She used to madly pursue Young Master."

Hearing that made Victoria angrier. Did they think she couldn't hear anything they were saying? And they had the gall to compare her with Amy. Was Amy on the same level as her?

Who was Amy next to Victoria? In Victoria's eyes, Amy was hardly worth mentioning.

"Are you insane? How dare you talk so loudly in my room?" Victoria scolded, rubbing her eyes.

The two nurses were scared.

"My Lady, you're awake?"

"What? You dare to comment about me right in front of me just because I'm in a coma?" Victoria sneered.

"No, My Lady, we didn't mean any of that. It's just that we have nothing to do, so we were talking nonsense." One of the nurses was frightened. She loved being a nurse at the private hospital of the Mu Clan. Although it required a high level of professionalism, everyone who worked at this private hospital was paid very well. On top of that, they usually didn't have much work to do. Only members or friends of the Mu Clan would come here when they were sick.

It was a great job that she wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

Both nurses didn't want to be fired over this matter. It was natural for women to gossip behind people's backs. They just hadn't thought that Victoria would wake up so soon.

According to what Anna had said, Victoria was supposed to wake up within two days. But how could Victoria wake up the very next

ly one who was James's sworn daughter. Why was Anna being so bold?

Suddenly, a thought struck Victoria.

She looked at Anna with a pained expression in her eyes.

"I need to go to the washroom!" she exclaimed.

"Then go..." Anna didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

Had Victoria been glaring at her for so long just because she needed to go to the washroom urgently?

"I can't walk.

My legs are weak. Come help me."


Anna didn't think too much about it. After all, Victoria had just had surgery to pump her stomach and hadn't eaten anything but a large quantity of medicine after that, so it was normal for her to have weak legs. Anna went over to Victoria and supported her arm, preparing to help her to go to the washroom.

There was a clean washroom in every ward of this hospital.

With Anna's support, Victoria slowly got down from the bed.

Her legs were truly weak, and she staggered. All of a sudden, Anna felt her hand being pulled down. She lost her balance and fell down.

At the same time, Victoria screamed and fell hard on the floor.

If Anna wasn't remembering wrong, Victoria had dragged her down. Anyway, she rushed forward to Victoria to check on her.

"Ouch! I have a stomach ache! It hurts so much!"

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