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   Chapter 984 Bored With The Women From Rich Families

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"Look at the two of you! I really admire your relationship. I hope that you could spend a lifetime of happiness together." Violet smiled as she adored the couple. Her eyes twinkled with happiness.

Since Anna was an orphan, James thought that if she would marry Becker, Anna wouldn't be accepted wholeheartedly by the Wang Clan. Anna only had the Mu Clan's support.

"How long have you been in love with each other?" James asked with great curiosity, his eyebrows knitted and his face showing less happiness compared to Violet's.

"We haven't been with each other for quite a long time. Perhaps, we have just been together for five or six months."

James said nothing but nodded in response to Anna's answer. Since Anna and Becker had spent time with each other for five to six months, he assumed that this period had been long enough for them to get to know each other. And since the two of them were still together, James concluded that they could talk and plan about their marriage. In his opinion, Anna and Becker seemed to get along very well with each other.

However, James didn't know the many hardships and difficulties Becker and Anna had gone through to be with each other. In particular, both of them had suffered a lot in the first months after they formally built their loving relationships with each other. Although Becker showed great affection for Anna, loved and spoiled her a lot, his family members disliked Anna. She wasn't their first choice as the wife for Becker.

Whatever problems that had happened since they had been together, they had tried their best to overcome all difficulties for the sake of their love. Anyway, they were still together and Anna had been accepted by Becker's family members.

"Buddy, let me remind you. Don't bully Anna. She is my foster daughter and we all treat her like our biological daughter. Hence, she deserves you in every aspect. She deserves your love and loyalty more than anyone. Just tell your family about what I've said to you,"

James blurted out after he broke his long silence.

James was afraid that since Anna was just an orphan, the Wang Clan members would often mistreat her. They might look down on her humble identity if she were to be married to Becker in the future. James suspected that there would be difficulties in their marriage because of Anna's identity.

He thought that Becker's family would not agree with their marriage. James considered a lot of factors when he thought about the union between the two.

"Lord Mu, you could rest assured that she will be welcomed by my family. My mother likes Anna very much." In the past, many unhappy things had happened between Anna and Becker's family members, especially his mother, who didn't accept Anna at all at the start and wanted another girl for Becker to marry instead. However, Becker decided not to mention these to James and decided to give assurance instead.

"Really?" James questioned, as he was a little doubtful of Becker's words.

"Yes, it's true! I am sorry that we have to leave first. I've made a reservation at a French restaurant. We have to leave now si

t have taken any accountability for the consequences of Victoria's own decision. However, after Victoria's stupid act, others who didn't know about the true situation might misunderstand that they forced Victoria to give birth to the baby. Victoria didn't care about her own life when she made her rash decision.

As the proverb goes, one who doesn't cherish her own life will absolutely not be cherished by others.

Victoria had been in a coma for the whole day after she was sent to the hospital. Two nurses were stationed beside her bed because Anna encouraged them to stay there and stop Victoria if she were to wake up and commit suicide again.

The nurses had watched for a very long time but Victoria still hadn't woken up yet. They grew bored and after some time, they began to gossip with each other.

"Alas! Yesterday afternoon, Becker came here to pick Anna up from work. Did you see him? He is the Young Master of the Wang Clan."

"Of course, I saw him. He is such a handsome man. Didn't they talk with His Lordship, the Young Master and Lady Linda in the corridor? I overheard some of their talks..."

"Anna must be very lucky! She even became Mr. Mu's foster daughter. Does that mean that she is the Young Master's sister? She's even in a relationship with Becker! I'm so jealous of her. She has a perfect life! Well, the young masters from rich families really show peculiar tastes in women. Becker would rather love an orphan than proper ladies from rich families."

The nurses' discussions sounded rather disdainful because deep in their hearts, they believed that Anna didn't deserve Becker's love at all, because her identity was very humble.

"Yes, you are right. I am also confused like you. Perhaps Becker has grown bored with his dates with the women from rich families, so he changed his preferences in women. I guess that Anna would be abandoned once Becker gets bored with her. He would throw her away like a rug after he used her. By that time, Anna will definitely be disappointed, as she has gotten used to living a luxurious life with Becker."

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