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   Chapter 983 Your Praise Will Make Him Proud

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After Victoria was sent away, the family members of the Mu Clan could finally enjoy a harmonious atmosphere together. Even the servants were happy about Victoria's departure because she'd been really fussy and bossed them around a lot. 'The tormentor has finally been sent away!' they thought gleefully.

Victoria had always been hot-tempered, but she had gotten even worse after getting pregnant.

Linda and Charles spent the night at the Mu Clan's old residence.

Linda wanted to stay here for a few days so that her two children could spend time with their grandparents and develop a closer relationship with them.

So far, the two children hadn't had much contact with their grandparents. But since they were growing up and gradually beginning to develop their own consciousness, Linda thought that it would be better if they spent some time with their grandparents.

In the afternoon, the family was having lunch happily in a harmonious atmosphere. Since Victoria wasn't here, they were able to have a pleasant time.

After all, they had all suffered from her bad temper during the past few days.

At the table, none of them mentioned Victoria because they didn't want to dampen the mood. It was as if she'd never existed in their lives.

But just as Linda was feeding Little Potato, a servant hurried in with bad news.

"Gosh! Gosh! Lady Victoria tried to kill herself again!"

Everyone at the table froze with a bitter smile on their faces. 'How could she make trouble again? She tried to kill herself? Is she playing a trick on us?' they all thought inwardly.

"Why did she try to kill herself? Is she lying to us again?" Charles asked with a frown.

"No, she was really trying to kill herself this time. As you know, many people in the countryside have tetramine in their houses. She swallowed a bottle of that poison and no one could stop her. We've asked her neighbors to take her to the private hospital so that the doctors will give her emergency treatment,"

the servant replied in an agitated voice.

Linda gave Charles a look and then went on feeding Little Potato with a calm expression.

"Since she has been taken to the hospital, she won't be in danger. There's no need to worry when Anna is there. Anna will do her best to save Vi


Even now, James still felt sorry for Victoria's biological father.

"I understand you, My Lord."

In Anna's eyes, Victoria might be an unpleasant person. But right now, Victoria was just a patient who had drunk poison lying quietly in bed, so Anna was determined to get her out of danger. At this critical moment, she was a sensible doctor.

Anyway, she had no personal grudge against Victoria.

Just then, Anna saw a familiar man approaching her.

"My dear, why are you working so late today?"

With a gentle smile on his face, the man came to her and put his arms around her waist as if there was no one else around.

"Can't you see that we're not alone?" Anna gave Becker a hard slap on his arm, her face blushing in embarrassment.

She hadn't expected him to be so bold.

"You're the eldest son of the Wang Clan, am I right?" James asked.

Although James had been living as a hermit at the Mu Clan's old residence and had stayed away from all the family feuds for a long time, he was still informed about everything that was happened outside, including the romantic relationship between Anna and Becker.

"Yes, I'm Becker. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Mu," Becker replied seriously. Since James was an elder, Becker wanted to treat him with respect.

Seeing the serious look on Becker's face, Anna couldn't help laughing.

"Well, you're handsome and well-mannered!"

James praised him with a smile.

"My Lord, don't praise him. He'll become too proud!" Anna grinned.

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