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   Chapter 982 I Will Prove It To You

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Linda's words instantly fired up Victoria's temper. Thus, she stood up and grabbed a cup from the table. She then forcefully threw it on the floor.

"Do you want me to die? Where's your heart, Linda? I'll live a better life from now on and I'm going to live much longer than you! Remember that! What the hell do you want? Are you mad at me?" yelled Victoria hysterically.

However, Linda could care less about what she heard and laughed. "Do you realize that you're proving the exact opposite of your point? You are an idiot, an absolute one. I just saved your life. Why would I do what I did if I want you to die? I think you're just having a nervous breakdown. Stop acting like a mad dog. You're annoying," she replied.

On the other hand, James also thought that Victoria was just being unreasonable.

Thus, he cleared his throat and said, "Don't be hysterical over everything, Victoria. I have told those servants to pack your bags. They'll send you to our country villa this afternoon."

Tears welled from Victoria's eyes as she heard these words. Even the word pathetic wasn't enough to describe her when she said, "I can't believe you are abandoning me, father. Why are you doing this to me?"

"No, you're wrong. I'm not abandoning you. I'm just fed up with your behavior. You're way out of line. Our country villa is a quiet and beautiful place. Living there is good for you. I hope that you can think about what you did," James answered calmly.

He then gazed at his daughter's wet face and bit his lips. He couldn't deny that Victoria's tears were breaking his heart.

"Let's compromise on this, father. If you say yes, I promise not to let you down again," the woman begged.

Seeing the fear in his daughter's eyes, James' expression softened. He had always been a loving father who doted on his children dearly. As much as he wanted Victoria to learn a lesson, he would also like to give her another chance. Thus, he sighed and asked, "Tell me, what do you want?"

Victoria wiped off her tears and looked at Linda.

"I want Charles to be my unborn baby's sworn father..."

"No. That's not going to happen." Charles' rejection cut off what Victoria was saying even before James could talk.

He was staring at Victoria disdainfully as if she was the least valued living creature on earth. He continued, "You can never make me do that."

"Why? Why not? You're my brother. I grew up with you. You and I are very close. Why can't you be my baby's sworn father? Why can't you do that for me?" Victoria yelled and started stomping her feet.

"Stop talking nonsense! I don't want to hear it," Charles countered firmly.

With all the commotion going on, Violet, who had been silent for a while, looked at Charles and said, "Maybe you can reconsider your decision, Charles. You see, Victoria..."

"No! Why should I be the one to compromise?

You and father loved her too mu

al conversation with each other for a long time.

"Honey, I have a question for you.

Did you have a lot of admirers before?" Linda held Charles' hand and asked.

"Ah, why do you ask that?" Charles asked back and gazed at his wife, confused.

Without any ado, Linda suddenly turned around and took a closer look at Charles' face. As she was not satisfied, she even ran her fingers all over his face and smiled.

"You know what? You're not handsome. How come you're so popular with women?" Linda asked, pretending to be surprised. She was lying, Charles was actually the epitome of what a perfect man should look like. His face was faultless.

On the other hand, Charles couldn't help but snort with laughter upon hearing Linda. He knew that she was making fun of him on purpose.

"Umh... Are you sure? Did you just say that I'm not handsome? Well, for your information, ma'am, I'm a certified handsome man. You cannot be right. Moreover, I'm also too cute to be true that there's no word in the dictionary to justify how beautiful I am," he countered with a grin.

In an instant, Linda started laughing. She thought that his words were so funny that her tummy began to ache cause of her heartfelt laugh.

Little did the public know about this side of Charles. He had always been the serious, quiet, and stern type of man whenever there were other people. However, there was a part of him that was made especially for Linda's eyes only. It was his outgoing, crazy, and funny side.

"You said that you're handsome and cute. Give me proof," Linda asked and then laid her palm towards him.

Instead of responding, Charles lifted her in his arms and in one swift move, carried her on his shoulder. "Charles! What are you doing? Stop! Put me down!" Linda shouted.

Charles ignored Linda's screams and carried her to their room. He then put Linda on the bed and said, "Naughty girl, I'll prove it to you. Are you ready?"

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