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   Chapter 980 Why Did You Commit Suicide

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6369

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Violet could do nothing but sigh helplessly.

She just couldn't bear to do that. After all, she had looked after Victoria like her own daughter and witnessed her growing up.

"Fine. Anyway, Victoria is your sister, right?" she finally asked.

"Yes. But she has gone too far. We have to send her away," Charles insisted. James shook his head with a helpless expression in his eyes. He had no choice. He couldn't beat Victoria or curse her or disown her, but he couldn't let her stay here and keep stirring up trouble for everyone either. Because of Victoria, Linda and Charles seldom came back home these days.

"If the baby is born in the future, she will make more trouble. Let's just endure it."

Linda wasn't angry.

She patted Charles gently on the shoulder.

"Don't be mad. Send someone to take care of her after we send her to the village. After all, Victoria's father died for your father."

In the end, this was all because of what had happened in the past.

That was why Victoria was so rude and arrogant.

In the past, Charles had always been nice to Victoria since her father had saved his father.

But now, he hated her. He didn't know what he had done in the past to make Victoria think that he liked her.

It was horrible.

Linda soon turned her attention to her food. She was already starving and all the dishes on the table were her favorite. James knew what Linda liked to eat and had specially told his servant to get a five-star restaurant chef to cook those dishes for tonight.

The family members soon changed the subject and chatted happily.

"Linda, you've put on weight. Are you going to have another baby?" Violet asked.

Dinner was over, and the family was sitting in the courtyard and enjoying the breeze.

Since it was April, the night breeze was cool and comfortable.

'Have I put on weight?' Linda wondered, immediately pinching herself after h

e door.

"Laura, bring me a glass of water. I feel thirsty."

Laura immediately went to the kitchen to bring back a glass of water for Victoria.

Meanwhile, Victoria lay down on the bed and held the empty bottle of sleeping pills in her hand, pretending to be unconscious.

Holding the glass of water, Laura knocked at the door, but there was no answer.

"Lady Victoria, are you there? Should I bring the water inside?"

After a few seconds of hesitation, Laura said, "Lady Victoria, I'm coming in..."

She pushed the door open and went in without thinking too much since Victoria had asked her for water only moments ago.

But as soon as she entered, she dropped the glass of water onto the floor.

She was shocked to see Victoria lying on the bed with a bottle of pills in her hand.

She rushed over instantly to have a look.

Victoria seemed to be unconscious, so Laura checked the empty bottle in her hand and found that it had contained sleeping pills.

'Did Victoria take all the sleeping pills in the bottle? What should I do?' Laura thought nervously.

"Lady Victoria, wake up! Why did you try to commit suicide? Wake up! I'm going to ask His Lordship to come. Hold on, please!"

Laura was so worried that she almost burst into tears.

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