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   Chapter 979 Stole The Man

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Victoria did not expect to see Linda nor did she want to have any problems with her ever since she realized that she wasn't as strong as Linda.

However, when she was about to go downstairs, she saw how Charles assisted Linda with the shrimp in great intimacy.

Victoria couldn't help but get furious when she saw the sweet situation between the two. She was pregnant now but why was she looked down upon by everyone?

Why should Linda be able to enjoy such a happy life with Charles and be the mother of his two lovely children? It was so unfair!

Linda glanced at Victoria.

She noticed that Victoria stood silently in the stairs with hatred in her eyes as if she wanted to eat Linda at once.

"Why are you just standing there? Come downstairs and have something to eat!"

Violet invited Victoria with a forced smile.

Violet also did not like Victoria because of the bad things she had done. However, she did not show her feelings towards Victoria as a sign of respect for Victoria's parents. Nonetheless, Violet was not as close to Victoria as before.

After all, Victoria was not their child and she still behaved herself in such a bad way.

"I don't want to eat. I'm not hungry," Victoria said.

"But you have not eaten anything for almost a whole day. Even if you are not feeling well, you should try to eat something for the unborn baby, right?" Violet said as she tried to be patient.

However, every time the baby was mentioned, Victoria would be furious again.

Why did others always remind her of the baby? The baby in her belly!

She never intended to have the baby.

"It is better to starve the baby to death! I never wanted it in the first place! I don't deserve this!"

"Have you forgotten what the doctor has told you? If you lose the baby, you can probably never have a baby again!"

James interrupted their conversation as he could not bear to hear what Victoria said.

"Even if I cannot get pregnant anymore, I don't want a bastard as my baby!" Victoria screamed.

When he heard Victoria's cruel words, James got furious. He had always hoped to leave a descendant of the Song Clan. However, if Victoria said that she didn't mind not being able to have a child in the future, how could she keep the Song bloodline alive? If that were to come true, his old friend, Victoria's father, would have no

o her anymore.

Then he said to the servants, "Send Lady Victoria upstairs. Take the food for her up there as well."

Victoria was just a hindrance to their peaceful meal. So, James decided not to let her come downstairs for a while. After all, Linda and Charles were here and they did not visit very often.

"We are sorry, Linda..." James said sincerely to Linda as he felt ashamed of Victoria's actions.

However, he did not know what else to say to Linda except to offer his apology.

"Father, it's okay. It doesn't matter," Linda replied and then sat down to eat again. She had already learned to ignore Victoria and her malicious actions.

Victoria was the only one who felt terrible when the two of them shared the same room. Victoria would always feel the need to say something bad to Linda. However, Linda never felt the same way to Victoria as she never paid any attention to Victoria.

"She should have been sent to the countryside earlier. How could she say those things here! She should be ashamed of how inappropriate her attitude was!" Charles added. Although Linda did not say something about Victoria, Charles was still unhappy. Victoria's malicious remarks before obviously hurt Linda. He thought that it was unfair to Linda and he felt sorry for her at the same time.

He wouldn't even dare to say any unhappy words towards his wife, so how could he bear to let Victoria say those words? Moreover, Charles never loved Victoria. He would never be together with that monster. So it was not true that Linda stole the man of Victoria.

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