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   Chapter 978 She’s Really Going Too Far

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After handing the recording pen to the policeman, Christina left. She didn't expect him to be Sean's henchman. She had wanted to investigate Sean's crime to see if one of the senior leaders in the Public Security Bureau was his mole. She'd never thought that the mole was only a grassroots cadre.

When Christina stepped out of the police station, she saw Linda waiting for her in her car. Linda winded down the window and waved at Christina.

"Linda, I've done what you asked me to do. I've given the recording pen to the policemen at the door of the interrogation room and asked them to look into the evidence of Sean's crime,"

Christina said as she hurried into the car. It was raining outside and Christina was wearing bespoke, high-end shoes, so she had to keep them dry.

"That's good. All we need to do now is be patient so that we can find out who Sean has as his moles in the Public Security Bureau." As far as Linda was concerned, this was their top priority. She wanted to wipe out all of Sean's followers. Otherwise, they could bother Christina in the future. The safest thing to do was to nip them in the bud.

She didn't want to give Sean the slightest chance to exonerate himself.

Then, Christina took out another recording pen from her pocket and handed it to Linda.

"I've made a copy of my conversation with Sean like you asked me to."

Linda turned on the recording pen and listened carefully to the recording of the conversation between Christina and Sean. Then, she nodded with satisfaction because this was exactly what she'd wanted. When she had gone to the Public Security Bureau to meet Sean, he had been very defensive. This time, Christina had gone to meet him instead. Since Sean had never expected that Christina would record their conversation to gather evidence of his crime, he had spoken openly to her without hiding anything he'd done.

Linda dropped Christina back home. She could see that Christina was still depressed but she didn't know what to say to comfort her, so she just patted her on the shoulder. There was no point crying over spilled milk. Right now, the best thing they could do was to find evidence so that Sean would be brought to justice.

That way, Christina would have fewer worries in the future.

Linda was about to head home when her phone r

l and a pair of chopsticks on the table. 'These must be for Victoria, ' she thought.

"Tell Victoria to come downstairs to have dinner!"

James said to a servant who was standing beside him.

The servant immediately followed James's order.

A moment later, everyone in the living room could hear Victoria cursing loudly.

"No! I won't go downstairs! I don't want to have dinner at the same table as Linda!"

James's face darkened. Every time Victoria saw Linda, she would fly into a rage.

"Go and bring her downstairs now! She's really going too far!" James said angrily.

Although James was used to Victoria losing her temper without any reason, he couldn't stand her unreasonable behavior tonight since Charles and Linda had come to have dinner with the family. He'd always felt that he had spoiled Victoria too much.

After all, she was holding a grudge against Linda for no reason. Linda and Charles were in love and happily married. Besides, Charles had never wanted to have a romantic relationship with Victoria. He'd always regarded her as his sister.

Victoria was obviously going too far by treating Charles and Linda like this.

"Victoria, if you don't come downstairs to have dinner with us, I'll make you stay upstairs alone forever!" James shouted.

At the moment, Victoria was sitting in front of the mirror in her room. When she heard James's words, she couldn't help trembling with fear. 'It seems that father is really angry, ' she thought to herself. Then, she got dressed and went downstairs at once.

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