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   Chapter 977 The Drainage In The Men's Room

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Linda heard that and nodded.

What Sam said made sense. She was indeed panicking too much and didn't consider everything carefully. Truth be told, the situation wasn't something big and could be handled easily.

Linda keenly watched the video Sam had found and observed every detail. She discovered that Sean didn't use the elevator to go upstairs but the staircase. It was obvious that he had a premeditated plan.

Recalling her visit to Sean earlier today, Linda now believed that he must have thought that she was prepared and was on alert. He had guessed right and discovered her pen recorder. But what if Christina went to visit him herself? Would Sean be off guard?

Thus, after thinking about it, Linda decided to tell Christina to meet him. However, she wasn't sure if Christina would be willing to do such.

Linda went to Christina's residence.

On the other hand, Christina was about to go and pick up Cory from school. Surprise instantly flooded her as soon as she was at the gate and found Linda walking towards her.

"Linda, why are you here?"

"Christina, I have to ask for your help. Do you want Sean to be convicted of what he did?"

Determination flashed in Christina's eyes. She then nodded, "Of course, I do. It was that beast who put me through all this and he deserves to pay the price. Nonetheless, I don't need to know how you decide to punish him. Just do so."

"I met Sean once. However, the pieces of evidence in our hand aren't enough to charge him since he denied that he was the one who took the pictures."

"What? The pictures had already spread-out everywhere online! Are you telling me that we can't punish him just because he denied?"

"Yes," nodded Linda. She then gazed at Christina intently before adding, "We can't win the case if he didn't admit. Sean could say that he saw you there, so he went upstairs to check after you. Nonetheless, we cannot conclude that he was the one who took the pictures."

"So, what should I do?" asked Christina.

"Go and see Sean in your free time. Ask him why he posted your pictures online. There's a big chance for him to be triggered and spill his thoughts once you talk to him. You can take a recorder pen with yo

couple! Do you really want to kill me? What good will it be to you if I get sentenced? I can't believe that you forgot how much you loved me! You were the one who insisted on marrying me! Where's your heart now? You can't do this! You see, I know I was wrong!"

Gritting her teeth to control herself, Christina shut her ears to Sean's desperate words. Rather, she got up and silently prepared to leave. Sean also stood up immediately and tried to drag her. He wanted to grab the pen recorder in her hand.

However, it was unfortunate for Sean because even before he did what he wanted, Christina already put the pen recorder back to her pocket and opened the visiting room door immediately.

Although they were the only two inside the visiting room, many policemen stood in a row outside.

After stepping out, Christina gave the recorder pen to one of the guarding policemen outside and said, "This is the evidence of Sean Zhang's crime. Please give it to the leader for me."

That policeman nodded in a hurry.

Christina left that place afterward without even looking back.

Little did she know that the same policeman she gave the pen recorder to was now smiling with disdain as he watched her back.

"You can't be this stupid. How could you give me the evidence? Don't you know that I am one of Sean's people? You are such a fool!"

With an uninterested smirk, the policeman threw the evidence Christina handed him into the drainage in the men's room.

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