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   Chapter 976 Check The Security Tape

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7888

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Sean's whole body quivered in pain after Linda kicked him as hard as she could.

Linda did this on purpose as she couldn't tolerate what Sean did. Her eyes reflected her rage while she looked down on Sean who was still in agony.

"No matter how bad your relationship with Christina is right now, you should still remember that she was once your wife! How could you spread her private pictures everywhere? Have you no shame?!"

Sean gave her a callous face as he remained silent.

"Why won't you answer my questions? Have you gone deaf?" Linda grew impatient when Sean ignored her, so she continued to ask him more questions.

"Linda, do you think I'm stupid? I suggest you shut off the recording device you are using now. It will be useless against me. Since I did not do it, how can I admit what you said?"

Linda grew furious. Sean was right about the pen recorder in her pocket.

Sean was really different from ordinary people since he had worked in the Public Security Bureau. He had already realized that Linda planned for him to incriminate himself.

"The criminals I had interrogated were far more than you have seen! So what you do is nothing to me. I know that you can't keep me here for more than 7 days if you do not have any proof of my guilt. Then I have the chance to be released for total exoneration."

Sean then gave Linda a crooked smile, which made him look less handsome and creepier.

"Wipe that smug smile off your face! Who do you think you are? You are almost a criminal!" Linda was still overwhelmed by anger so she gave Sean another kick.

"Linda, are you lynching me now? You should know that I can sue you!" Sean threatened Linda.

"I never lynched you! Now, get out of my sight."

Linda really wanted to beat Sean as violently as she could and let him pass out. He was such a shameless guy!

Now that she knew that she could not get anything useful from Sean, Linda decided to leave. Actually, Linda did intend to record what Sean said by himself which could be evidence in the court to convict him guilty. But since Sean was alerted, she realized her plan would be futile.

Linda then attempted to find evidence in some other places.

As for Sean, Linda would never let him get away with his crimes.

Before she left, Linda saw Sean sit in a chair with a pair of handcuffs. She was still furious so she

he video and you can press it. Otherwise, one part is for twenty-four hours. Do you have to watch it for that long?"

At that moment, Linda felt embarrassed!

She was not aware that it could be played like that.

Actually, she was laughed at by Sam. Linda felt bad instantly.

"Dragon, come here. You can watch the videotape, right? So, help me watch it. Tell me when you see Christina."

Sam started to laugh when he heard Linda's remark.

'Did I create trouble for myself just now?

I will never offend a woman anymore. They are too narrow-minded! The Master said that of all people, girls are the most difficult ones to talk to, ' Sam thought to himself.

Of course, he didn't blurt it out.

Sam had no other choice but to sit down and watch the videotape as Linda asked him to. He made the video play four times faster and started to check the tape. Then after 35 minutes, he found Christina who came into the Seagee Hotel and checked in. Sean was behind her and followed her secretly. He was observing her from a distance.

"Pause it here!" Linda ordered.

"It seemed that Sean had already tracked Christina at that time but Christina failed to notice that she was followed,"

Linda said while she shook her head

"I think it was not the first time they'd met. They might have met each other earlier then Lady Christina was tracked by Sean. Do you remember that Lady Christina should have left earlier by plane? However, due to unknown reasons, she missed her flight even though she had arrived at the airport very early that day," said Sam.

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