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   Chapter 974 Lady Christina's Pictures Appeared Everywhere

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6642

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Christina was not surprised that Sean was able to send someone to leave her a message.

Sean used to be the police chief, so he had some trusted followers.

There were still many people to help him even after he left the office.

It was not a wonder since Sean had helped a lot of back then.

However, seeing him wasn't something Christina was pleased about.

"Refuse him on my behalf. I don't want to see him." Christina waved her hand.

Then she took Cory to get in the car and told the driver to go to the kindergarten.

Christina wanted to seize the chance to know more about Cory's kindergarten and found that it was just an ordinary public kindergarten, not very good. She considered finding a better private kindergarten for Cory. Children should start being cultivated at an early age.

Getting along with Cory yesterday made Christina realize how sensible the child was.

It was her depression these days that made her think that a kid's company could make her feel better.

But before the driver started the car, the policeman stopped her again and said, "Sean Zhang said that you will regret it if you don't see him."

"How can he be sure?" Christina sneered and then continued. "I would regret if I've agreed to see him."

Then, Christina rolled down the window without hesitation.

They were already settled inside the car when Cory asked, "Did you mention Uncle Sean just now, Aunt Christina?"

Christina nodded. "Yes."

Cory went silent for a while as if he was thinking. He reached for the collar of his school uniform and began stroking it with his trembling hand. Reluctantly, he said, "Was it my mother who ruined your relationship with Uncle Sean?"

"Don't blame yourself. It has nothing to do with you so there's no need to worry. You will stay with me and live a good life in the future. Just wait for your father to pick you up, okay? Forget Uncle Sean."

Sean should be sentenced if what happened wasn't an accident.

Although Christ

dy Linda, hurry up and check it. What should we do? Try every means to delete all the pictures online and prevent them from spreading. Otherwise, Lady Christina's reputation will be ruined."

Linda hung up in a hurry. She immediately opened her Weibo app to see what Bun was talking about.

A headline in the hot topics instantly attracted Linda's attention. Its title was "Naked Pictures of One of the Mu Clan's Ladies."

She clicked it and found dozens of pictures which were probably taken by Sean in the hotel room. No wonder Sean feared nothing! It turned out that he had backup pictures. Why did Sean post these photos? Was he thinking of ruining everyone, including himself?

Linda's impression on Sean went worse. The man was incorrigible. Christina was Sean's ex-wife and he shouldn't ruin her reputation regardless of anything!

These pictures were spread in a wide range. Some people were sympathetic enough to censor some private parts when re-posting, but others were not.

Linda called Charles to tell him this matter immediately. After checking it, Charles was stunned and cursed the beast, Sean.

Paul also contacted the online media and ordered them to delete all the pictures since what happened was against the law. However, they couldn't make sure if somebody saved the pictures in private.

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