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   Chapter 973 Would You Like To Meet Him

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Cory trembled with fear as he looked at the woman in front of him. He had his reasons to be afraid of her.

Although he was only a child, he could understand many things.

Linda hadn't expected Christina to offer to take care of Cory. By right, Christina should hate Cory very much.

It was because of this child that Sean had decided to leave Christina and marry Hebe.

If not for Cory, Sean wouldn't have made such a mistake and his marriage to Christina might have been saved. But now, things had already happened.

"I don't know if that's really appropriate. I'm afraid it would just be a bother to you. And anyway, I think I'd better ask my son about his opinion first," Steve said after giving it some thought.

Although he was hesitant, he was glad that someone was willing to look after Cory during his absence. Besides, he had only recently investigated Christina and her friends and knew that they were all the kind of people who would treat Cory well.

Steve squatted down and asked Cory, "Son, would you like to stay here? This auntie will take care of you for a while. I'll come back to see you after I finish my work."

After listening to Steve's words, Cory turned to Christina and looked at her without saying a word, his eyes full of fear.

Although he was scared of Christina, he didn't immediately say no to his father's question. After all, he knew that it would be inconvenient for him to stay here alone. There were very few boarding students in kindergarten and the teachers didn't have the time to take care of them every day. It would be really hard for him to live in kindergarten.

Seeing the expression on Cory's face, Christina squatted down and gestured for him to come closer to her.

"Would you like to go home with me, Cory? I'll take good care of you. From now on, I'll take you to kindergarten and pick you up after class every day. What do you think?"

Christina had been trying to forget Sean but even after everything that had happened, she found it difficult to let him go. After all, they had been in love for many years. That was why she'd been planning to travel abroad to distract herself. But if she could look after a child instead, it would be a pleasure for her.

She had hoped for a long time that she and Sean would have a child of their own.

But since she had alw

id I'll pity him. This time, I've made up my mind to let him go for good," Christina stated firmly.

Then, she took Cory's hand and walked into the house.

She told the servants that Cory was going to live here from now on and that they should treat him as their master.

Cory was flattered that Christina took him so seriously.

Meanwhile, Linda returned to the Mu Clan's villa.

For the moment, she had no idea how to deal with Sean, who had been refusing to admit that he had hurt Christina illegally. If they really went to the court to solve the dispute, it might be difficult to sentence him. After all, Sean and Christina used to be husband and wife. Moreover, Sean had said that he'd just wanted to take care of Christina in the hotel room because she'd been drunk at that time.

Considering that Sean was Christina's ex-husband, the court would probably impose a lenient sentence. Therefore, Linda had to find proof that Sean had illegally harmed Christina.

Back at the hotel room, Linda had smashed Sean's mobile phone into pieces. Now, mobile phones had built-in memory cards instead of external ones. Sean's phone had a built-in memory card too, so all the data on the phone was gone.

It was a shame that Linda couldn't see the photos on Sean's phone.

The next morning, Christina was ready to take Cory to the kindergarten. They had hardly gotten into the car when a policeman came over.

"Lady Christina, Sean is now in the interrogation room. He said that he wanted to see you one last time. Would you like to meet him?"

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