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   Chapter 971 What A Ridiculous Person He Is

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8073

Updated: 2019-08-07 00:12

As Linda watched Sean shamelessly defend himself, she couldn't help thinking that he was a ridiculous man.

She was in no mood to talk to him because she knew she would only be wasting her time and energy.

After Charles told the policemen from the headquarters what had happened, they took Sean away.

Before they left, Linda noticed Sean staring at her viciously, as if he was a venomous snake. She felt herself trembling with fear.

'Maybe he's thinking about getting even with me, ' she thought.

But in fact, there was no need for her to be afraid of Sean. Even if he wanted to harm her, she had Sam as her bodyguard. With Sam around, Sean would never be able to get close to her, let alone get even with her.

Anyway, there was justice in the world.

Since Sean had broken the law, he would certainly get the punishment he deserved.

Seeing Sean being taken away by policemen from the headquarters of the Public Security Bureau, the local policemen who had been called over by the receptionist of the hotel realized that they were in way over their head and that the situation was already being handled. So, they thought it wise to slip away immediately. Once they all left, Charles, Linda, and Christina were the only people left in the room.

A few minutes later, Christina woke up.

Linda had already helped Christina wear her clothes, but Christina was still shocked when she opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was fainting just as she was about to enter her room, but she didn't know what had happened next.

"Christina, you're finally awake!"

Linda exclaimed.

Christina had a splitting headache and she was very thirsty. Linda gave her a glass of water. After drinking it, Christina felt a little better.

With puzzled eyes, she asked, "What brings you here?"

Linda quickly told her about the stunt Sean had tried to pull just now.

Christina began to cry as she listened to the whole story.

"I never thought that he would do such an evil thing. He's really a dirty rat! I've always been nice to him but he's always treated me like that! How could he be so cruel? Why is he continuing to bother me even after I divorced him?"

"Let it go! It's a thing of the past now. Sean has gone too far for this time, so he'll likely be in prison for at least five years. If we ask Charles to talk to someone influential, we can even make him get a more severe punishmen


Charles said, tapping the table with his fingers.

"Yes, that woman has mysteriously disappeared. Can't we investigate her whereabouts using the Mu Clan's connections?" Anna asked.

"Yes, we're on it, but there has been no news about her so far. In my opinion, there must be someone whose power is equal to ours providing her with shelter," Charles replied.

A frown appeared on Linda's face. Charles didn't want her to share his worries, so he immediately changed the subject.

"Don't worry about it, darling. The Mu Clan is influential, so we'll find a solution to this problem soon. Right now, I'm more worried about the matter of Sean. Although he's in prison now, he's still unwilling to admit his crime. He keeps insisting that he didn't do anything illegal to Christina. In addition, you broke his phone. There's no evidence which can directly prove that he drugged Christina to make her faint and then took photos of her while she was naked."

"Damn it! He's such a sly dog. I didn't realize that he was so shrewd before," Linda said angrily.

"Well, Sean used to be the director of the Public Security Bureau. How could he not know about the loopholes in the law? For example, he knows exactly what loopholes prisoners usually use to avoid legal punishment. So, we need to put a lot of thought into looking for evidence of his crime,"

Charles said after a moment's reflection.

"Perhaps we can ask Dragon to sneak into the prison and find a chance to shoot Sean. We can easily solve the problem then. No matter how clever Sean is, he can't escape the law." Anna grinned.

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